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Thursday, 25 October 2012

"Bish - Bash - Bosh" Part 3

Senator Breckon: "I didn't assault her"

Senator Alan Breckon took the stand today to defend himself against a woman's claim she was assaulted by him.

When Senator Breckon was asked did you kick Miss Hase four times in the head, he replied, "I didn't."

Earlier in court, Miss Suzette Haze was told that her version of the event was a 'lie'.

Senator Alan Breckon's defence team claim Suzette Hase sustained a swollen black eye and head injuries after falling over in a drunken state.

But the 44 year old says her one time friend Senator Breckon assaulted her after she refused his advances.

Senator Alan Breckon, 59, is alleged to have assaulted Suzette Hase, 44, at his home in St Brelade in April.

Yesterday, the prosecution claimed Senator Breckon and Miss Hase had a close friendship but that Senator Breckon wanted it to become a sexual relationship.

They say on the night in question Miss Hase refused his advances and it ended in violence.

The trial is expected to last until tomorrow.


  1. Arrrr not used to rejection, he better get used to it : )

  2. Apparently, nothing was said about it for days, and then Alan Breckon reported first of all that she assaulted him, then she reported his assault on her, what was his thinking, get in first?
    Had he kept his mouth shut perhaps nothing would have been done, who knows.
    Maybe there is more in this that meets the eye (excuse the pun)
    But with Alan having a bit of previous, and three Doctors giving evidence against him,his jacket is on a shaky nail!