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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

"Barking Bill Bailhache Boffed It"

Killer’s sentence: Gap in law raised years ago
A MAJOR failing in Jersey law which allowed killer Damian Rzeszowski to escape a life sentence was spotted seven years ago – but nothing was done to correct it, the JEP has learned.
The 32-year-old was this week jailed for 30 years for killing six people, including his wife and two children, in a psychotic rage at his home last summer.

But the court was unable to impose a life sentence because it cannot legally set a minimum period before parole is considered in cases of manslaughter.

Today Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand revealed that Deputy Bailiff William Bailhache wrote to former Senator Wendy Kinnard in 2005 or 2006 when she was either president of the Home Affairs Committee or Home Affairs Minister to inform her of the problem.

But no one responded to Mr Bailhache, who was then the Island’s Attorney General, and the major failing remained unresolved.


  1. Interesting article as Jersey need someone to blame for the incompetence. Wendy Kinnard is loyal as we know, no problem her taking another fall.

    Then we have the liar Ian Le Marquand stating that the alleged letter was sent in 2005 or 2006....Well? Which is it? And are you going to show us the original?

    Finally, if Barking Bill got no reply, why on earth did he not follow up the letter? Was it sheer incompetence, or has this little ruse just been invented today???

    1. God Damned Fruitcake you are Le Marquand, you will go first!

  2. Just like Graham Power the suspension letter

  3. I put a similar comment on the Jersey Evening Propaganda website saying what you said about following it up but i also mentioned the blame could therefore be shared but the jep wont dare to say that baillache should have followed it up or should take some blame.

    Well, I know I am right but I also note they did not have the bottle to post it. No swearing, no rudeness just a run of the mill comment problem being i had made the point baillache was half to blame at least.

    Typical JEP comment censoring, bunch of complete tossers basically.

  4. Christ, Ballaches office is 1 minutes walk from the States Chamber, how hard was it for him to contact Wendy Kinnard?

  5. I did not know that the office for Minister of Home Affairs are responsible for setting such a new law in motion, surely it should have been in the "to do tray" when Andrew Lewis took over and must have reached the top of the pile whilst ILM has been there. Corporation soul must take responsibility, ILM has had many years to get it right!!