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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

"Adventures 'And Embarrassments' In Legal Land"

How The Police, The Viscounts Department, And The Judiciary Embarrass Themselves

This is the embarrassing (err) summons that the States of Jersey Police attempted to serve on Cyril, and with their compliments! LOL

The full story can be read at the link directly below
Just click on the pics to read them

Supposedly, this is what passes as an official summons in Jerseys’ lawless legal land now.

A bloke in fancy dress turns up unannounced at your door, does not show any ID and gives you an unsigned and undated compliments slip. What do we make of it? Is it an official summons?
Not according to;

Magistrate’s Court (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Jersey) Law 1949

Article 9:      Summons

(1)    Any person who has committed or is suspected of having committed an offence may, instead of being arrested, be summoned, at the instance of the Conn√©table, to appear before the Magistrate’s Court.

Article 12:    Failure to appear of party summoned

Where any person summoned in pursuance of Article 9 fails to appear at the time and place mentioned in the summons, the Magistrate, upon proof of the service of the summons, may order the arrest of the accused person so that the case may be heard and determined.

As the compliments slip is from the SoJ Police and not the Connetable, I am at liberty to ignore the compliment slip and the Magistrate has no cause or authority under this law to order an arrest.

I doubt this will stop a megalomaniac like Bridget Shaw from ordering the arrest; however she will take great care ensuring no bench warrant bearing her name is issued.

The limited liability company known as Viscount Dept. likely will issue their own casual invitation to the police asking that they arrest MR. CYRIL VIBERT.

The police, not knowing or caring what exactly MR. CYRIL VIBERT is, will undoubtedly take action against 'me'.

After being hauled into the dock, I will tell the Captain that I am not 'a mate on any ship' (a Mister). I will tell her what rights I choose to reserve or waive, and will ask her the questions she will not want to answer.

I will demonstrate 'once again' to anyone watching, that Bridget Shaw is a disgrace to the office of Magistrate, and to the word Justice.


It seems that someone within the Establishment is paying attention to this blog. Today two agents of a Ltd Company turned up at my door, they did not answer when I ask "who is it" thinking it was the postman I opened the door, they said "Viscounts Department....MR VIBERT?". "No" I replied and tried to close my door, one of the agents placed his foot inside my flat to prevent me from closing the door. I am putting it on the public record that in the future should this happen again, I will use all reasonable force to defend against such trespass.

They ended up throwing paperwork at me (thrown back by me) and said "too late you’re served", they slid the paperwork under my door before leaving.

Below are the two pieces of paper they left, the first one ‘summons’ bears the company seal of the Viscounts Department. "Act of Court" hey! How can an "Act of Court" come from the Viscounts Department? I look forward to seeing written proof of this, signed by Magistrate Bridget Shaw and her confirmation that any such warrant was signed whilst operating under her Oath of Office at the time of signing.

OK this looks legal, let’s see who or what it’s for.

First thing to note is the company seal; This is a real indented corporate seal, anyone who owns a Company will cognise this.

The name (top left) is written in the common style. Is it perhaps referring to me, the man? No it absolutely cannot be, because this is a piece of 'commercial paper' so it must relate to something in commerce and men/women cannot appear in commerce as we are real, and not fictional as everything in commerce must be. This summons is for the person
MR CYRIL VIBERT, it is not for me.

I have to smile at the depths of deception these crooks will stoop to in their efforts at embezzlement. You might also take note that it says "You are required to appear" it is put like this as they cannot make demands of men or women, all they can do is make us an offer, and offer for us to contract with them by accepting their offer.

 Paper No.2 is a facsimile, which is not a good start, no wet-signed signature.

Top line; "In the Magistrates Court of the Island of Jersey".

Now, I am on the island of Jersey, what does ‘Island of Jersey’ mean?

Phick Phil Bailache has to give the game away here;

The Jersey Law Review – October 2005


Philip Bailhache

26     The third preamble provides –  And whereas Jersey wishes to enhance and promote democratic, accountable and responsive governance in the island (sic)[42]

[42] Jersey is not just an island; it is the Island.

The island of Jersey is the land mass; the Island of Jersey is the corporate entity


Connetable of St. Helier -V- Cyril Vibert

A Connetable is an office, there is no such thing in nature, it is a construct of Law, a legal fiction. The same is true of St. Helier, they are corporate entities belonging in the world of commerce, therefore this is another piece of commercial paper and Cyril Vibert written here is the legal fiction person MR CYRIL VIBERT and not me, the man.

As there is no lawful order for me to turn up at the Magistrates Court on the 25th October 2012, I won’t be turning up.

I am Hereby putting, Bridget Shaw, David Le Heuze and Whoever signed the Vicounts’ ‘summons’, on public notice that should they not inform the police that I am not the Cyril Vibert referred to in their paper work, I will hold these three people personally liable for any violation of my rights.

I also publicly notify any policeman or woman asked to make the arrest, to ask the criminal justice unit to confirm if the Cyril Vibert, mentioned in any paper work they receive, is a man or a legal fiction person, and I will be requiring the name of whoever gives this information.



  1. That is funny you should submit copies of them into evidence with an afidavit as the judge has to judge on evidence in front of them. Your case is certainly building.

  2. We need to get the formalities out of the way first, like Cyril's immenent arrest, and then bail pending appeal. Bridget Shaw will act totally unlawfully on the 25th so that will be more evidence against her, and another complaint....

  3. The Grefs substitue? They are passing it down the chain of command does the fella realise what he is letting himself in for.?


    Greffier - Clerk of the states
    Deputy Greffier - clerk assistant
    Cyril gets the substitute Greffier

    Cyril I admire your stance. The States of Jersey Law and anything it entails is non relevant to you anyway. No matter what enactments they pull out from them you are asserting your common law rights in common law jurisdiction which are god given rights to man above and beyond these enactments of which the Queen swore her oath of office to uphold.

  5. I wonder why the Greffier or the Deputy Greffier did not put there title to the paperwork they do have a legal responsability to act as keepers of the ''official records.''

  6. Who sits below the substitute Greffier is it the cleaner?
    Not knocking cleaners in any way.

  7. It rather looks like someone at the station doesn't like pc Bisson, fancy sending him out to Cyrils to be ridiculed with a compliment slip, the poor chap.

  8. Don't be fooled by Le Heuzes' title, he runs the magistrates court and is the go to man when Magistrates are struggling in Court.

    Dispite a lack of any lawful order on me, Bridget Shaw, or whoever is sitting when I'm dragged into the dock, will charge me with contempt of court and jail me. S/he will lie through their teeth as s/he is required to do under their oath to the bar association (not to divulge that societys' secrets). this is how 'our' judiciary is operated, by members of private secret societies who ignore the law of the land.


  9. The substitue Gref signs the Summons for you to attend for sentencing in accordance with the attached act of court?

    The Gref and Bridget heard your declaration in the meeting and denied you at the time of that meeting all the common law rights you claimed and are entitled. It appears those given the power to protect your rights are conspiring against you to deprive you of the rights your protected under by continually victimising you.

  10. did they send pc bisson out on his bike ? now that would have been funny .

  11. Thanks friend. Very interesting

  12. JESUS GIVE ME STRENGTH. Cyril's stuff is nothing to do with the law in any way, and can only disadvantage you. Seriously, he believes (and disseminates) the sort of flim-flam which sees people attempting to copyright their names (generally in the nonsensical form "Donkeybreath, of the family idiothole"), then charge debt collectors £1 million every time they get a letter addressed to them. He thinks every contract has to be in writing. He thinks that the Bills of Exchange Act 1882 is relevant to credit card debt. His friends think 9/11 was an inside job. He thinks that you can opt out of statute law. He thinks that a courtroom is a dock, and that partnership has something to do with ships. He knows that because courts have a dock (which is where he'll end up) and because each of us has a birth (i.e. berth) certificate, selling us to state slavery. He thinks that all banking is fraud. He is a fraud, a sham and a charlatan.
    He has never, not even once, achieved any success whatsoever through his "three letter" technique. He's misguided at best, but possibly malign at worst. At least severely deluded. Fortunately, he can't sue me, because that would require him to seek the help of the Defamation Act 1996. To which he hasn't given his consent. And anyway, as I've outlined his (mental) views, I'd argue fair comment.
    And he thinks that, as a (former) solicitor, I'm just part of the conspiracy to make him get a TV licence, or car insurance, or just pay his bloody debts or parking fines.
    So I'll just go back to slamming my head (attached to my 8' tall lizard body) against the wall.

    1. My my, the Oligarchy are becoming desperate!

  13. Dear anon(former)Solicitor,

    Does former mean retired or are you now a full blown Advocate?

    I did find your comment slightly amusing, with a bit more imagination and effort it could have been really funny,but why would you strive for excellence when mediocrity has always paid you handsomely.

    You say;
    "He has never, not even once, achieved any success whatsoever through his "three letter" technique."

    correct,because I've never used a "three letter" technique. What is
    a "three letter" technique anon?

    However I have had a couple of successes using a "one notice" technique,and thats nothing short of amazing given the endemic corruption within 'our' (or should that be your) judiciary, you'll find them on previous postings.

    You call me a fraud, a sham and a charlatan anonymously, how very brave of you.Put your name to your comment and show me you have the courage of your convictions - No, I thought not.

    The Defamination Act 1996.
    Common law libel would do the trick don't you think?
    or did the 1996 Act do away with the much older law?

    You are a typical lawyer who thinks the deliberately deceptive language used in Acts (enactments), by your craft guild, is somehow superior to the law of the land.

    8'tall lizard body, more like a 4" gecko eh!
    bye Dave