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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

"Abuse Inquiry May Reopen Says Jersey Crook!"

Jersey abuse inquiry 'may reopen'

Sir Jimmy Savile 
Scotland Yard have 400 lines of inquiry into allegations of abuse by Sir Jimmy Savile
Criminal Ian Le Marquand

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Jersey's historical abuse inquiry will reopen if new evidence is found during abuse investigations, the island's home affairs minister has said.

Jersey Police are assisting the UK investigation into allegations of abuse in the island by Sir Jimmy Savile.

Senator Ian Le Marquand said the inquiry would reopen if any new leads were uncovered.

He dismissed claims by a former senior police office that an outside force would need to be called in.

Please see the video links below to hear what Lenny Harper had to say on the subject....

Video 1

Video 2

Lenny Harper, the former deputy chief police officer who led the inquiry, said the government had too much control and someone was needed with an outside perspective.

Mr Harper led a three-year £7.5m investigation into historical child abuse in the island, which heard from 192 alleged victims and identified 151 potential abusers and led to seven people being successfully prosecuted.

Five people in Jersey have said they were sexually abused by Savile, but not all of them have yet formally lodged their complaints.

On Friday, Scotland Yard started a formal criminal investigation following up 400 lines of inquiry into complaints of abuse and sexual assault by the entertainer who died in October 2011 aged 84.

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  1. Yes, re-open the police inquiry suspend the committee of inquiry, find 'nothing new' after police inquiry, no need for committee of inquiry.
    Job done the Jersey way.

  2. Do you think the new police chief will need to call Warcup, Gradwell and Tapp back in to help gather some evidence to focus everyone back on that expensive prawn cocktail?

  3. hahaha

    I think that if anything is reopened it will only be the stuff on Savile & Brambel, after all, they are dead and any related findings won't matter a hoot to the authorities or Jersey's reputation.

    Jersey will be empowered to show the world just how meticulous their policing ability really is, but how on earth are we going to make the COMPLAINT in the first instance?

  4. Having said that, they might pull a master stroke and end up charging Lundy, Mckeon and Wherry....Hell, maybe even the Bonner's which would make Bowron look good, Harper and Power look bad, and Barking Bill could then say that Mike has done an exemplary job compared to the other two incompetents!!!

    All they need do then is throw three ringers on the respective juries, and hey presto! Everyone's a winner except Harper & Power....