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Friday, 12 October 2012

"A Few Lines For A Jersey Lawyer To Remember"

Jersey Lawyers....Druggies, Piss Heads
And Crooks?

Druggie?                                                  Click on the pic to read

Piss Head?


Michelle, Kai and Carly


  1. Yep, just a few lines. Wouldn't want it to be brought to too many peoples attention now!

  2. and she didn't even have to attend court like us mere mortals!, talk about looking after your own...with no reason given, bet my shirt she doesn't do time!

  3. did she buy the coke from the judge ?

  4. they are all hypocrites .[ white collar drug ] .
    jersey is doing really well at the moment gets better everyday ..

  5. this on Appleby website,,,a great example!
    Carly is an associate within the Personal Law group. She is principally involved in personal law and criminal law work. Carly works mainly with Victoria Myerson in matrimonial disputes for high net worth clients and States of Jersey public law children proceedings.

    Before joining the firm permanently in September 2005, Carly was a bursary student, and carried out much work experience at Appleby. She graduated from Kingston University in 2004 with a degree in LLB law and went on to complete the Legal Practice Course at the College of Law, Chester in 2005.

    Carly qualified as an Advocate of the Royal Court in October 2011. She is also a member of the Jersey Family Law Association.

  6. Wouldn't want a coke-head managing my affairs. Sheeesh

    1. Anon, you wouldn't want ANY lawyer managing your affairs! Especially if you knew what I know about lawyers!!!

  7. Richard Falle that's a good one - another effing Freemason!
    One Mason protects another.

  8. 1. The more the public begins to know about lawyers in Jersey - particularly the most senior ones - the more the electorate will understand that the corruption in Jersey is endemic - and i speak as a well qualified lawyer knowing too much about the corrupt crooks who control the island [calling themselves Crown Officers or is it Clown Officers to the King of Clowns - the Bailhache Brother Masons OBSERVED BY MANY CREDIBLE WITNESSES seen protecting their brethren by nefarious legal abuses of justice in Jersey (e.g. hearing cases unreasonably & perversely IN CAMERA not in Open Court + NOT RECUSING a case where CONFLICTS OF INTEREST exist by Bailhache being the Judge + detaining too many non Masonic witnesses unreasonably for "Contempt of Court")] - that deserve to be behind bars!

    2. Most of the public - even lawyers who are not Masons - do not realize that the connection to criminality & committing civil wrongs is Masonry that has destroyed any semblance of Democracy & Justice in Jersey.

    3. Abuse of Power - Abuse of Trust - Breach of Trust - Misconduct in Public Office - Perverting the course of Justice - Obstruction of Justice - Corruption [impairment of integrity] - Conspiracy to Defraud - Treachery.