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Friday, 19 October 2012

"431 Million For New Horror Hospital!!!"

Price tag put on Jersey's new hospital
Health bosses acknowledge the current General Hospital isn't up to scratch

The future cost of health in Jersey has become clearer today.

A report says a new hospital will need to be far bigger than the present one and will cost up to £431million pounds to build.

The pre-feasibility study suggests the new hospital would need to almost double in size, from 38,000 to 64,000 square metres.

It also suggests it would take approximately ten years to be delivered once a location has been agreed.

The States are due to debate proposition 82 next week on "A new way forward for Health and Social Services."

Assistant Treasury Minister Deputy Eddie Noel said: "The proposition to be debated next week makes it clear that the development of a new or refurbished hospital is central to the transformation of Health and Social Services."

"Although the current hospital uses space as well as it possibly can, the building suffers from inefficient and ageing design, a lack of flexibility, poor standards of privacy and dignity, and difficulties with infection control."

"If the proposition is not supported next week, community services would not be able to develop as they need to and we would need to build a bigger hospital. This would cost an extra £60 million. The Council of Ministers colleagues are fully supportive of the detailed proposals in this proposition. We are on the cusp of a very important moment in history for States members."

"We recognise that major changes like this require appropriate funding and detailed work so they can progress."


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