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Monday, 29 October 2012

"30 Years For Monster 'Damian Rzeszowski' Who Should Never Be Freed"

Jersey stabbings: Damian Rzeszowski sentenced to 30 years

Damian Rzeszowski killed six people including his wife and two young children

A man who killed six people, including his wife and children, in Jersey has been sentenced to 30 years in prison by Jersey's Royal Court.

Damian Rzeszowski, 32, stabbed Izabela Rzeszowska, 30, Kinga, five, and Kacper, two, in St Helier on 14 August last year.

He also killed his father-in-law, his wife's friend and her daughter.

After five hours of legal arguments earlier, the Jurat's took two hours to consider their verdict.

Earlier in Jersey's Royal Court, Rzeszowski was sentenced a 30 year determinate sentence in a UK prison.

The Judge, Sir Michael Birt, said: "The horror and brutality of these killings is hard to believe.

"Within a quarter of an hour or so six people had their lives cruelly cut short at the hands of this defendant."

Earlier in court, the prosecution had called for a 30-year sentence for Rzeszowski.

He had been cleared of murder but found guilty of manslaughter due to diminished responsibility.

As well as his wife and children, Rzeszowski also killed Marek Garstka, 56, Marta De La Haye, 34, and Julia De La Haye, aged five after a summer barbecue at his St Helier home.

During the trial in August, the court heard that Rzeszowski's marriage had been under strain after his wife confessed to a two-month affair.

It also heard he had threatened to commit suicide and had been suffering moderate to severe depression, which had caused an onset of psychotic symptoms.

Rzeszowski and Izabela Rzeszowska had moved to Jersey from Poland in 2004 and built a new life on the island.

They married there in 2005 and had two children, Kinga and Kacper.

R.I.P xxx


Kacper & Kinga

Marta & Julia


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  1. Our thoughts are with family and friends of all the victims of this dreadful atrocity, may all be at peace in the future xxx

  2. Well, at least he didn't get a fine like Niall Linden!

  3. I hope finally they will sent him to the polish prison! There waiting for him.

  4. Sick sentence, he should get life or bring back capital punishment, he stabbed 3 children for god's sake, sick sick sick! what the hell is wrong with our legal system, these judges are pathetic, he is evil scum. I hope they haunt him and he doesn't make it a year in prison, disgusting!!!!!!

    1. They couldn't sentence him to life because the incompetent assholes within the Jersey judiciary had failed some years earlier to address a small matter in which there was a problem with dishing out a life sentence. Please check the links to this posting as I covered the matter in a later posting.

    2. I agree with you, this is sick

  5. Why has this mass murderer effectively been let off?

    1. I explained why in the comment strain above, go find the link and laugh at Jersey justice, for there is no Justice in Jersey!!!

  6. I want to cry, killing a baby while straped in, then killing those poor girls. Hope hes hurt in prison

  7. "I want to cry"....

    Let tears come when your heart tell's you of it's sadness.

  8. so sad I was watching this story on youtube it is so evil what this man did and unfortunately I do not believe he is punished enough with 30 years of jail.

  9. justice has not been done for those innocent children and adults who were his family and friends. if you can stab so brutually your own little children, you are a demon who only deserves the harshest veridict the law can enforce. that sick, evil and twisted man deserves to be impaled. what is wrong with the justice system!