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Monday, 8 October 2012

"£2,200 A Week For Sitting In Jail? Gizza Job!!!"

Jailed fraud judge still on £120,000 salary

Some of the victims who are apparently 'Still Paying"!

A JUDGE who was jailed on Friday for fraud is still being paid his £120,000-a-year salary.

Disciplinary proceedings against Magistrate-designate Ian Christmas which could end in his being sacked have not yet started, which means that he will continue to receive his salary while in La Moye prison until the outcome of that process is known.

Christmas, who was convicted on a single count relating to a £100,000 investment, was jailed for 15 months by the Royal Court on Friday.

Co-defendants, John Lewis and Russell Foot, who were convicted of 13 counts, and James Cameron, who was convicted of 16 counts, were each jailed for four and a half years each. All have lodged an appeal against conviction which is due to be heard on 27 November.

Victims of the fraud – all of whom lost tens of thousands of pounds each after investing in Florida and Colorado properties through the scheme – cheered and embraced after the sentencing on Friday.


  1. My god, CRIME DOES PAY!!!

  2. I must be sooo small fry in this world, but to receive an income of £2,200 a week would make my life. If that isn't enough for some people then that is a pity. Why bother sticking your neck out of a somewhat dubious investment scheme?

    Back in 2005 I spoke to a chap who had moved to Las Vegas with his new wife to be an estate agent due to the many new houses going up there. He had no answer to my questions of 'who and what industries are moving there?' If I could foresee a crash then ...

    'Tis a shame as I have met Mr C. several times socially and he came across as a decent sort of chap.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  3. I AM A VISITOR TO YOUR ISLAND In this evenigs local jep I see that a guy defrauds your local social security dept of £60,000 gets 3 years and told if he dosent pay the dept back this money, he will recieve another 18 months,how is it that a magistrate defrauds someone of 100,000 gets only 15months prison with no mention of the need to pay the money back to his victims,even though the public have paid him in excess of £500,000 for doing nothing and continue to pay him while in prison, UNBELIVEABLE Jersey you have lost your way.

  4. Thank you for the comment above anon. It mentions none of this on the online version, I am grateful for your efforts :)

  5. Anon who posted about Cynthia Binnet & Jenny (Bonney), as I am sure you will understand, I cannot possibly publish your comment without full proof of your claims, but thanks for the comment.