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Monday, 17 September 2012

"Unlawful Police Raids - The Questions Begin"

Questions With, or Without Answers?
We Shall See!

Having recovered enough (from my police induced heart attack) to get back into the swing of things, I have finally got round to asking some questions about my unlawful arrest & the unlawful police raid on my home in which my property was stolen by the States of Jersey Police Ltd.

This appears to be a growing practice against anyone who speaks out against the Establishment Party Line. Hell, just take a look at Stuart Syvret and Ken Soar, they went through it also.

My Story

Stuart's Story

Ken's Story

So, on Sunday I knuckled down and wrote to the duty Inspector at the station, that was Inspector Le Hegerat. After hand delivering the letter I had some trouble getting a receipt for it, apparently, according to the Portuguese Lady on reception, they only give receipts out for cash? I told her I had suitcases full of receipts from the Jersey Police for letters I had handed over the counter!
We got there in the end....

My Request For Information

c/o ***************
Jersey, ******
Duty Inspector Le Hegerat
Police Headquarters
Rouge Bouillon, St Helier

Dear Madam

I write concerning my unlawful arrest of the 9th March 2012, and the subsequent ransacking of * ********* ******** that same day by a number of police officers. I hereby notify you that I have a number of questions to be clarified concerning that day’s events and would like clear concise answers to all of them.

1. I was arrested for suspicion of contempt of court, I would like to know who it was who initially made the complaint to the police in this regard?
2. I would like to know the exact date that this complaint came to the attention of the police?
3. I would like to know who took this complaint?
4. I would like to know who they passed it to for further action?
5. I would like to know who authorised the alleged warrant for my arrest and the consequent ransacking of the above address?
6. I would like to know why this alleged warrant was not signed by a judge (operating under their Oath of Office at the time of signing) and why there was no court stamp on the alleged warrant?
7. I would like to know why I was not read my rights when allegedly arrested?
8. I would like to know why a simple phone call would not have sufficed, asking me to attend the police station?
9. I would like to know why I was not informed that * ********* ******** was going to be ransacked?
10. I would like to know why there was no independent witness to the ransacking of this property?
11. I would like to know the names of the officers who arrested me?
12. I would like to know the names of the officers who entered the premises addressed above?
13. I would like to know under what authority items were removed from this address?
14. I would like to know the names of everyone who came into contact with the (seized) property?
15. I would like to know why some of this property was damaged?
16. I would like to know how long it took to collate the data from the (seized) property?
17. I would like to know who had the final authorisation to return this property?
18. I would like to know why this property was not returned immediately after the alleged evidence was gathered?
19. I would like to know why my mobile phone could not be returned to me after the data was extracted from it, as this resulted in my business being restricted which is a very serious matter?
20. I would like to know who had the authority, and did in fact order this property to be detained a whole month?
21. I would like to know why I was given two days of the run around treatment when simply trying to find out who I could ask for my property back?
22. I would like to know why I have still not been charged with any offense in connection with this arrest and seizure?
23. I would like to know what reparations the police force intend to make regarding the disgraceful and shabby treatment I received.

I would be pleased to receive comprehensive answers to all of these questions in the reasonably near future, and look forward to hearing from you.

Sincerely without ill will, vexation or frivolity

All inherent inalienable rights reserved

You will note at question 21 we bring up 'the run around treatment' this was a blog posting on it's own! What they deliberately put you through (and right after a heart attack) just to get one simple question answered is nothing short of criminal. And it was deliberate, no one on the planet could be that bloody stupid.

Letter From Hospital

The Run Around Treatment

So, now we play the waiting game, let us hope it does not take as long as a response
from Mike Bowron.

A year and a half, and counting!!!


  1. Many thanks to those of you who have signed the petition on behalf of Leah, the Abuse Survivors, and indeed, yourselves. For those good Men & Women who have not seen it, please click on THIS LINK to sign. Many thanks :)

    To see Trevor Pitmans latest update on Leah's campaign, with link, CLICK HERE

  2. These are not police officers, hey they are not even men!! They are all shysters, with no conscience, No honor, many as bad if not worse than the abusers of the many children in Jersey, The Jersey Oligarchy and Troligarchy, are riddled with festering guilt and they know only too well whats coming down the road to get them, hoping someone will step in to protect them.

    Do your bird, Ha Ha,

  3. Anon, I know a fair few Jersey police men and women who are honourable decent people who always try to do the right thing. What stops them, for the most part, is those ranked above them! To tar all officers with the same brush is wholly unfair, and that, coming from me, should tell you enough!!!

  4. Why hasn't Jersey got an independent police complaints board and just as important follow the Uk and adopt the Crown Prosecution Service which has headquarters in London, York and Birmingham and operates under a structure of 13 Areas in England and Wales?

    Jersey does not have a committee like the CPS, just one man, the Attorney General to make the decisions to go to court or not.

    This one individual has the authority to refuse to prosecute, it is on record that an investigation into developers corruption in Grouville by Deputy Labey was questioned after the police chief decided to investigate ? The final completed file would of course end up on his desk.

    In a rich island awash with money, property developers and business people, the locals ask the question is it right that just one man can dictate without appeal ? A committee would be more democratic and also ease the publics concerns that feudalism is alive and indeed growing on Jersey, which means Jerseys judiciary led by the bailiff and the attorney general is actually heading backwards in time.

  5. "I know a fair few Jersey police men and women who are honorable decent people who always try to do the right thing."

    The easiest way for evil to reign is for honorable decent people to do nothing. if every so called honorable decent police officer stood up and said NO more then I would agree with your statement Ian and as to the reasons why they have not do so yet are.?????????

    Yes it is hard to stand up for whats right on an island where right and wrong have been so mixed up and backwards for so many decades however I can't think of a single thing that would stop you standing up for what is right in the protection of the most vulnerable in our society the children.

    Can all these so called honorable decent people who are police officers say the same and if so STAND UP AND SHOUT IT.....


    But know one small thing....Not all folks have the same degree of courage, outspokenness, whatever you want to call it, some need gentle persuasion from the most unlikely source, this is what will win it for us. Remember what the Ancients said?

    'If you plant rice, rice will grow.
    If you plant courage, courage will grow."

  7. All these children were abused in some of the most horrendous ways one could only imagine.

    If some police man or women attempt to invoke the Nuremberg defense I can only laugh and Steel myself to the pathetic nature of those so tied to the system that would crap all over them for there loyalty and most likely abuse their children as anybody else's, more fool them.

  8. "Vengeance is a water vessel with a hole. It carries nothing but the promise of emptiness."

  9. Justice is not merely vengeance it is a forge where the evidence is burns away the detritus leaving only the hot ashes of truth to be seen.

  10. "Repay injury with justice and forgiveness, always with forgiveness."

  11. Time for the Mill stones to do their work.

  12. It is an inevitability, history has proved that :)