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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

"Two Corporate Numpties"

"States Cowards Petrified Of A
Withered Old Man!!!"

Click on the pics! Once....Or twice for the blind!!!


  1. Ian.

    The live, and interactive, guest on Blog TV tonight at 7pm is DEPUTY TREVOR PITMAN

  2. I am sorry Business Connect and Lucy. 'Respect' promoted by this joint venture in the article above is not coming across as deserving nor warrents the over use of the word. In fact the opposite is felt.

    A member of the public felt so much respect for Mr Bailhache, yet Lucy omits to cite or attribute them and in the same instance is herself, happy to pronounce he is ''well respected.'' She fails to mention, no other candidate received the exposure of Mr. Bailhaches campaign to get elected, via her employers.

    I question how one person is able to hold so much power given the position Mr. Bailhache is elected to hold. The power of Mr Bailhache comes across strongly and abnormally.

  3. Hi Ian.

    Put up audio of VFC on the Radio yesterday. you & your readers can Listen HERE

    Is this a new Era.

  4. My first impression is that Lucy was being unintentionally funny. My second impression is that she is unintentionally exposing the ongoing conflict between Jersey's lazy neo-feudalistic impulses and the desire to be seen as an authentic modern democracy without all the citizen effort of active participation.

  5. CLick twice for the blind eh? Cheeky bugger, I always enlarge your JEP pics for ease of reading.

    Joking aside, I am surprised at this article because when she talks about the electoral commission she seems to be actually having a dig at our politicians for overturning the original commission being independant. I suspect I read the article wrong though as I find it hard to believe she would dare to take a swipe at what are effectivly her paymasters, the states. Maybe that one was allowed through because she bigged him up so well. Even if there is so much respect for him I beleive it is fairly reasonable to respect the man (if that is your want) but not respect his decissions.