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Monday, 24 September 2012

"Two Books Everyone Should Read About Jersey History!"

Reaching across the Barbed Wire


A book about the German Occupation of the Channel Islands and the internment camp at Bad Wurzach has been published in English for the first time.

It is the work of Gisela Rothenhausler, and it was inspired by the twinning of St Helier and the small town in southern Germany ten years ago.

What began as a leaflet to explain to Bad Wurzach inhabitants about the twinning grew into a 400 page book - Reaching across the Barbed Wire.

On Hitler's orders, men, women and children from the Channel Islands were rounded up and shipped to camps in Germany - one of them a Baroque castle, the Bad Wurzach Schloss.

The book has taken years of research.

The Other Is....


  1. I would add another book, "Treasure Islands and the Men Who Stole the World." Nick Shaxson's book is essential to the understanding of the effects of secrecy jurisdictions, otherwise known as tax havens.

  2. Ah - did not the authorities in Jersey ban the Robbie Garner book from being sold in the Island, rather like banning an internationally respected journalist researching the same abuse scandal.

    Thank God for Amazon!

  3. Yes, this book was banned.

  4. This was a comment recently left on my YouTube Account from Linda Corby.

    "They unofficially banned my autobiography 'Bad Blood' when people went into the bookshops in Jersey to order it they were told to order it on-line!"

  5. You are the most radical off the wall blogger Ian but so necessary and relevant in corrupt Jersey. I take small issue with the comment above. Why would Linda Corby's book bad blood still find it's way to the customer in Jersey, but the profit from the book go to someone else and not a local store served by a decent but not truly political assistant. Possible but unlikely why turn a customer away with cash, good plug for the book though Linda a very nice lady.

    1. Why did they ban Madonna's book, "SEX"? Because they could, yet the newsagents are full of top shelf slap-mags!

      They ban any book that is a threat to them, or their way. Knowing some of Linda's past I can fully understand why they would ban her book, and for eternity if they could.

      good job Linda is made of sterner stuff hey :)

  6. I'm not radical, I'm....err....different!

  7. Tell you what Trollbot, if, in your lifetime, you can muster the courage to even post by your own name, then I will publish ALL your crap :)