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Saturday, 22 September 2012

"Town Team? Try Not Being So Damned Greedy"

Town Team aim to get shoppers back

The group are hoping to encourage more people back into town
ST Helier shopkeepers and business owners have launched a plan to tackle the retail sales slump by luring shoppers off the internet and back into town. 

Cheap online shopping deals and economic uncertainty are draining the profits of businesses but slashing prices has not enticed large numbers of Islanders to return to the floundering shopping precinct.

A strategic working group, appropriately named the Town Team, hopes to arrest the declining appeal of St Helier by focusing on key areas of concern.

"Yesterday's Harassment Of A Shop Owner"

After decades of ripping us off and robbing us blind the Jersey shop owners are finally getting their comeuppance. Shoppers buy off the internet because they are sick to death of being cheated, no other reason.

If you want the people back in your shops, you have got decades of theft to make up for! Personally, I hope they stay away. Let us hope the food stores get theirs soon as well, £22.43 for half a small bag of fruit & veg!!! £3.00 for four apples!!!
It's Lucas Farm Shop at St Aubin for me every time now, I get two full bags of fruit & veg for about £18.

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