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Thursday, 13 September 2012

"To Suppress A Truth Is To Give It Force Beyond Endurance"

Hillsborough: Justice at last

 David Roberts who survived the Hillsborough disaster
David Roberts who survived the Hillsborough disaster 
AN Islander who survived the Hillsborough disaster believes justice has finally been done following the release of secret files surrounding the tragedy.

An independent panel yesterday released a report to the friends and relatives of those who died and Dave Roberts, who lost two of his friends on that day, said the right things will now happen.

‘What we have been saying for years has finally come out and the truth has been proven,’ said the 52 year-old.

‘All of the talk about the fans is now positive instead of negative and I have a real sense that something good is going to happen from this.’


  1. Jersey will learn that the truth will always emerge, Karma grinds slowly but surely.

  2. The best thing that can happen out of this is that the pure BASTARDS that told unforgivable lies about the Liverpool supporters, those that participated in any form of "cover-ups" are jailed.
    There will always be a "them and us", it is brilliant, that after 23 fucking years, these horrible creatures have finally been exposed, it is more satisfying when we that live in Jersey witness a regime that get away with a similar offence.
    I refer to the HDLG saga, children have had their lives completely ruined by what happened ,not really comparable to Hillsborough, but not a kick in the arse off it!!!!

  3. the revolution is coming closer the world is already at war its our turn soon us and them