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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

"Things Are Hotting Up In St Clement"

Fire started deliberately

Jersey News from ITV Channel Television - st clement fire 2

Jersey's Fire Service says a blaze which destroyed a house in St Clement in July was started deliberately.

So far no one has been charged.

More than 14 firefighters were involved in putting out the fire.

The house sustained significant damage to its roof and upper floors after fire swept through the property.

Firefighters using breathing apparatus used a firefighting hosereel to tackle the first floor structure from below and to check no one was inside the building.

The flames were brought under control within an hour, but due to the location of the fire and difficulty in reaching the flames safely, most of the roof and the first floor structure were destroyed in the blaze.

Police have put out another appeal for witnesses.


  1. was this owned by the states or s/member ?

  2. owned by a lawer but had planing turned down.

  3. So it is owned by a lawyer and planning was turned down. How strange it suddenly burnt down after standing there for 10 years empty without problem. I expect it was a listed building. Burning it down instead ensures planning permission. Insurance will pay out and a big house or flats will soon be on the site. The extremes people will go to eh!

  4. Anon, we don't know it was owned by a lawyer, that was just an anonymous comment! It is just a possibility.

  5. I sat in a bus which had to Reverse 3km down a road as it could not pass the house. The driver was fab.