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Monday, 17 September 2012

"States Invite Half The World To Work In Jersey - Then Moan The Local Kids Ain't Working?"

Benefits threat for jobless who don’t try to find work

Benefits threat for jobless who don’t try to find work
Social Security Minister Francis Le Gresley outside the department
TOUGH new sanctions to crack down on jobless Islanders who do not try hard enough to find work are being considered by the Social Security department.

Minister Francis Le Gresley has confirmed that he and his officers are working on proposals to tighten up the system and warned that some Islanders could lose some of their benefits if they do not improve their efforts.

Among the sanctions being considered is the removal of some financial support if an individual walks out of a job Social Security has helped them find within just a few days and for no good reason.

It follows a warning from Senator Le Gresley earlier this year that the Island’s benefits system would not be a ‘soft touch’.


  1. why is this man bullying the jobless havnt they got enough on there plate as it is

  2. The current situation with the amount of young unemployed, and many others, is one brought on entirely by themselves, the use of cheap labour to increase profits, nothing else matters in this greedy, greedy Island than profit.
    Then we have had a spokesman from Dandara saying that "the provision of affordable homes would not have been possible without the use of Eastern European labour,oh yeah!!!, well where the fuck are these affordable homes?
    Who actually invited these people to Jersey?