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Friday, 28 September 2012

"Sex Offenders Register For 'Fourteen' Year Old!"

What The Hell Is Going On In Jersey?

An Island Full Of Perverts!


  1. Jimmy saville child abuse allegations in Daily mail on-line, sorry I don't do links!

  2. I have put a label up above for Jimmy Saville, just click on it to see that he never visited Jersey!!! even though he is photographed on Jersey, right next to Haute De La Garenne at the home called Avemore!!! Funny that innit???

  3. just posted on the daily mail

    If Jimmy Sa-vile abused these girls, now women then there at least should be an investigation, He is dead now however those children have to live with the legacy he left. This should be addressed and if found to be true then the records should show it to be so.

    If we say "Well he is dead so its pointless trying to do anything now," then you the readers have completely lost the plot, If you are sick individual and have caused so much damage to people then its only right that these people are heard.

    Jimmy Sa-vile was reported as going to the infamous children's home Haute De La Garenne in Jersey, He claims he had never been to Jersey yet there are photographs on the net of him at a children's home with all the kids around him in Jersey

  4. Why stop there? Harriot Harman on this Thursdays Question extolling the virtues behind child safety! Then we have this