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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

"Running Out Of Brains!"

Running out of beds

 Over £4,000 a week to worry about beds?

Why didn't he do something about it at the BEGINNING of his contract???

Why leave it to the end of his contract??? Some people are just plain useless!

Routine operations could be cancelled at Jersey's General Hospital this winter to cope with a predicted beds shortage.

Health bosses say it is almost 100% full all year round, and an outbreak of illness could leave them stretched.

The short-term plan is to cancel non-emergency surgery and send patients home early.

But the prospect of a beds crisis is worrying vulnerable islanders.

The man in charge of Jersey's General Hospital says he worries day and night about it running out of beds for patients.

Andrew McLaughlin says his biggest concern is whether they could cope with a significant outbreak of illness this winter.

He made the comments to a hearing of the health Scrutiny panel.

Mr McLaughlin said: "It's an issue which I think about when I go to sleep each night, and again when I wake up in the morning. It's a constant battle. Demand is increasing year on year and we are full. We're at almost 100% capacity all year."

He said an interim solution is to ease the pressure by trying to squeeze in more beds and to send patients home from hospital sooner where possible.

He also highlighted the need for more single rooms with en suite facilities for patients suffering from bugs to reduce the risk of cross-infection.


  1. This is complete rubbish, publish how many and how long the wards have been closed for being dirty ie MRSA Norovirus and other bugs. Then confirm how short of nurses and medical staff the wards are because of the obscene amount of money management and other non medical staff get given for carrying around clip boards and typing.

    The health care in Jersey for its population size is WELL FUNDED, but the money is going into the wrong pockets. That is why the sick are having to wait for operations and the management come out with this Sh**e

  2. Same old, same old, too many overpaid Chiefs, underpaid Indians, they cannot keep Nurses (bless them).
    Why, for instance can they not build an out Patient Dept. in Tunnell St. convenient for many, there are plenty of suitable sites, problem is, we have a clown in charge of Treasury (people are still frightened of him)who wants nothing more than to build blocks on the Esplanade for the shrinking Finance Ind., blocks, which will undoubtedly remain empty for years.