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Thursday, 13 September 2012

"Prolific Jersey Child Abuser - Mario Lundy - Fighting For The Children???"

Schools to appeal over GCSE grades


 Education director Mario Lundy

JERSEY schools are appealing against GCSE English grades on behalf of pupils marked down from a C to a D after controversy over changes to grade boundaries over the summer.

The UK exam regulator has been accused of making late and unfair changes to the C to D grade boundaries for GCSE in English Language, affecting thousands of school pupils up and down the country.

The grade boundary is particularly important because many A-level subjects demand at least a C grade in English.

And after a crunch meeting between school headteachers and the Education department on Friday, Education director Mario Lundy says that they will be pursuing the matter on behalf of pupils.

Please see the link below for the VoiceForChildren Posting


  1. Please sign the petition that LEAH McGRATH GOODMAN has instituted, so that she can carry on with her work exposing Jersey Child abusers!

  2. this guy was a waste of space even as a teacher let alone as a head master ...let soooo many kids down ..mick

  3. My thanks to VFC & Mike for the video :)

  4. Mario Lundy's name will live in infamy for at least another generation.


  6. When are you giving evidence to the COI on Mario Lundy seeing as you call him a prolific child abuser?

    1. As soon as the child beating piece of shit tries to make a legal or lawful move against me for calling him out. Of course, hell will freeze over before that happens but so fuck hey? We have all seen a couple of years ago how Jersey's hired hands silence witnesses who speak out against this particular piece of twisted shit. But remember this, some of us "REAL" men are not afraid to face child batterers and the faggots and pimps that protect them via De Facto administrative tribunals under the fraudulent title of "LAW".

      Hope that answers your question you sad little scrote!!!