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Friday, 14 September 2012

"Ozo The Bozo In Wonderland!!!"

Things looking up for public purse

 This morning’s figures have been welcomed by Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf

STATES finances are doing better than expected, with spending slightly down and income slightly up on forecasts.

Figures released in the run-up to November’s debate on tax and spending plans for the next three years show that the States are performing well, with spending £8.2 million under budget and taxes £13.5 million over the forecast.

Departments are asking for most of the unspent money to be carried forward to next year’s budgets, because it relates to projects or spending which have been delayed.

This morning’s figures have been welcomed by Treasury Minister Philip Ozouf, who said that the new report should give the public confidence in the state of public finances.

Victoria Grant (A 12 year old) explains why the world is in debt!

Match her Bozo


  1. Ian, if things are so good why is he considering borrwing money for the first time in Jersey's history?

  2. First time??? Jersey has been bankrupt for many a year, don't let these imbeciles convince you otherwise! There are only a handful of countries left in the world who are not bankrupt, they have gas and oil! Check out the 9th March 1933, and the private bank that ruined a world!!!

    Jersey may be holding a king's ransom, but it is not Jersey's ransom, it belongs to six families.

    1. Thirteen families really, but the other seven are players who give nothing away!

    2. Time is running out Pip old chap! Tick Tock, Tick Tock....