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Monday, 3 September 2012

"Old Spineless Is Not Getting Away With It"

Gorst in censure motion threat

 And that will just be the start!

Chief Ministers missing attribute
Jersey's Chief Minister has been threatened with a censure motion over his handling of the upcoming inquiry into historic child abuse.

A briefing on the scope of the inquiry, planned for this morning, has now been delayed so that politicians can read background reports.

Deputy Montfort Tadier, who has taken up the cause of children's home abuse survivors, has told Senator Gorst there is talk of a censure motion, or worse, facing him as the first item of business when the States sit on Tuesday week.

Victims of historic child abuse are concerned the inquiry will be watered-down.

Deputy Tadier argued politicians should be able to see the report and the findings of the Verita inquiry into the issue ahead of any presentation.

Senator Gorst has agreed to release both reports, embargoed, in advance of the briefing.

Earlier this year it was indicated that the investigation should be a healing process for victims rather than a chance to attribute blame.


  1. Ian.

    I have interviewed Montfort today, on this subject, and should publish on the Blog tomorrow.

  2. I know, I watched the video earlier on your channel :)

    Good work

  3. Ian.

    That's not the interview. That (what you watched) will be on Montfort's Blog within the hour.

  4. There is also some excellent commentary predicting weakened Williamson TOR's up on Rico's blog.

  5. Makes one feel sick, I really feel for those who have been abused. thank God I have a backbone!
    Good job on this one :-)

  6. And always a pleasure to hear from you Linda.

  7. Dear Mr Evans,

    Any chance of correspoinding with you via e-mail?

  8. Replies
    1. If so, my mobile is in the book. Failing that, you can send me your email addy in a comment entitled "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" :)