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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

"Leah McGrath Goodman Interviewed By Max Keiser"

#FreeJersey: Please Help Us Restore

Democracy To Our Beautiful Island


Below we have Leah talking about her experience with the Jersey & English Authorities. She goes into some detail about the banking system and the Jersey Child Abuse Disaster.
The opening 12 minutes is also worth a good listen.

The interview with Leah begins at 12 minutes and 34 seconds :)

The Petition is at the link below

Thank you to everyone who has had the courage and strength to sign the petition, the Abuse Survivors will be forever grateful to you all :)
And so are the Jersey Bloggers


  1. "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."


    1. None of us can do anything without the support of you guys, the general public, pass the message on and bring some harmony to this beautiful island, and your own lives. Let us all row this boat of humanity, Together :)

  2. The jersey blogs have done themselves proud today

  3. They are being attacked on all sides, not just us. More the bloody merrier. We are the 99%!!

  4. Thank you anon, 'YOU' are why I put the vid up about the Awakened!

  5. Came across this tonight on Fbook

  6. Ian.

    Team Voice will be returning to their live and interactive broadcast a week tomorrow Thursday 20th August 2012 at 7pm HERE

  7. 591 have signed - this is fantastic - please keep the momentum going, tweet, post, mention the link to the petition everywhere you can people.