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Thursday, 20 September 2012

"John Hemming Is An Inflamatory Slanderer & The 'straw men' Bloggers Are Defamatory Paupers!" LOL :)

"And Our J.E.P Are The Fearless Protectors Of Young Vulnerable Children, Right!!!"

"Desperate Jersey"

The real truth is that the J.E.P (filthy rag) are amongst the worst enemies of freedom, law & order, justice, and the vulnerable members of our society there are here in Jersey!

Hell, they can't even give their readers the full story of what John Hemming said, that was left to
Jersey Blogger, Rico Sorda!
See link below

Just as bad as 'The Rag' are Cover Up TV with this meager effort below.

It is only when you get the full story that the whole picture comes into focus.

Below is a video link to John Hemming's Parliamentary speech. His speech begins about a minute after the video starts.

So, what exactly did the 'Filthy Rag' write about M.P John Hemming?

Have A Look For Yourselves, Just Left Click On The Pic

Round 1

After their cowardly onslaught on John,
they then turn on the Jersey Bloggers!

They should try looking in the mirror, but the reflection of the Corporate Monster that would greet them would be too much to stomach for these weak servile cowards.

Round 2

"but the one thing that is consistently missing from these allegations is any sort of proof that would stand up to serious scrutiny"

Ok! let us have a bash :)

Is That Enough J.E.P?

Or would you like another fifty or sixty extremely damning links???

And I haven't even put any of my links in there!
Maybe just the one directly below, for starters like :)

Round 3

Defaming Bloggers are "Men of Straw"
Straw Men....

Do our discredited (only) news-paper even know what a 'straw man' is?

This video, and the link below will tell you exactly what a 'straw man' is. It is the legal fiction person that Government cheated your parents into creating through your birth certificate.

The consequences of this deceptive treachery are below!

I will finish with a link to Leah McGrath Goodman's petition
that I hope all my readers will sign. Please show your support for Leah,
and for all the victims of child abuse,


  1. Has anyone spotted the deliberate mistake yet?

    1. Yup, I liked it.

      But I always preferred :
      The JEP, at the [rotten] heart of the Island.

      Cut out the rotten heart and so many other things on this island will come right by themselves.

      Someone needs to write to all the schools this week, documenting just the tip of the iceberg of JEP's poisonous grip, misrepresentation and failure to investigate and question the wisdom of collaborating with the cynical "trash-cash for schools" PR charade.

  2. Hi Ian.

    Gradwell on Radio Five Live last Friday morning.

    You & your readers can Listen HERE

    1. Very many thanks TJW, and for the second time in 24 hrs, your service to the people of Jersey is invaluable.

  3. Replies

  4. Hey Guys, another update from Leah....


    I am heartened to tell you that this petition topped 1,000 signatures well before the deadline – thanks to you. We have received so much international outreach, it has been hard to keep up. In Jersey, politicians and the island's citizens have begun to tentatively voice their support and calls from the media are coming in.

    There's just one thing: the Jersey immigration authorities remain silent.

    To move the needle, please keep on sharing this petition and don't forget the #FreeJersey hashtag – you will be the reason we succeed:

    An international broadcast I did on Jersey last week:

    This week, UK Member of Parliament John Hemming gave a speech highlighting Jersey's uphill battle for true democracy and freedom of the press – even as the fate of its children hang in the balance. Among his comments:

    "Sadly, there are too many cover-ups that continue to succeed...There is a country where there are allegations that crimes by powerful people are not being investigated and prosecuted. A journalist has been refused entry to stop reporting about an issue. The chief of police has been suspended to stop him investigating crimes. Bloggers are being threatened to stop them talking about people. Decisions by the state not to prosecute cannot be challenged, nor is private prosecution allowed. The country is Jersey. The journalist is Leah McGrath Goodman."

    Right now, there are some in Jersey who would have this investigation quashed where it stands. We cannot allow that to happen.

    Thank you!


    "Every day that goes by without this problem being addressed potentially exposes the Island’s children to further abuses by those who have already been accused of unspeakable crimes – or have helped conceal them. It is time the public demand immediate action." - Trevor Pitman, Jersey Member of Parliament

    1. Here is the link to the petition (that we did not quite get to you in one piece in the last note):

      Thank you for spreading far and wide.



  5. Hi Ian.

    More Interviews Bailhache & Leah Goodman HERE

  6. If you are genuine, YES!!! you should.

    Ballache Bailhache has already learned from that LITTLE MISTAKE

  7. Replies
    1. You are very welcome mate, it's all part of learning the blogging game ;) I made a tit of myself many times before I cottoned on to them....Just keep doing your fabulous work fella!

  8. Boy, the Trolligarchy are swarming tonight :)

  9. JEP “so although she has been refused entry by the UK Border Agency over what seems to have been a visa problem – though some detect yet another conspiracy – our authorities should clearly make every effort to see that she is permitted to visit”

    The JEP could have increased her chances by telling their readers:
    To mark the ban’s one-year anniversary, Trevor Pitman, member of the parliament of Jersey (the British Crown dependency where I was conducting research before I got the boot) launched a petition on, urging the UK government to restore my UK Tier-1 visa.
    Without this, it is unlikely I will be able to finish my work. Please, if you believe in defending a free press, take 10 seconds to sign this petition. Surrounded by ocean, Jersey has been isolated in its struggle for a free and fair democracy for far too long. It should be able to welcome journalists, not ban them.

    JEP “ Honest investigation is to be welcomed – even if uncomfortable truths emerge”

    So what questions have they asked to verify her side of the story, where is the response from the home office, the border agency or Jersey’s customs etc.. or even CM. Nothing, so one can only assume they did not want to hear any uncomfortable truths . If only they did, Jersey may not be where it is today!!

    Of course they also didn't mention that the journalist was of a far higher calibre than the JEP story tellers:-

    Leah McGrath Goodman

    Author, Historian and Investigative Journalist


    I am writer-at-large for Institutional Investor and Absolute Return magazine, a contributor to Fortune and member of the London Speaker Bureau. I have written for The Financial Times, Barron's, The Wall Street Journal and Forbes from New York, London and Dubai. I wrote a best-selling book (which you can get on Amazon via this site) that was nominated for the 2011 Financial Times and Goldman Sachs Business Book of the Year Award. My specialty is institutionalized cultures of corruption.