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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

"Jersey Social security Kindly Warns benefit Cheats!!!"

Benefits fraud hunt heads to Facebook

Benefits fraud hunt heads to Facebook

SOCIAL Security’s fraud squad has been trawling Facebook in an attempt to catch benefit cheats in Jersey.

The social networking site, used by millions around the globe, can reveal members’ actions and activities as they document their lives by uploading pictures and written statements.

However, using the site has proven to be the downfall for some UK fraudsters who, for example, claim a sickness allowance but can be seen in online pictures at parties or playing sports. User profiles, which can include relationship status, have also been used to rumble people on benefits living with a partner while falsely claiming to live alone.

The Island’s Social Security department, whose contributions and enforcement section deals with the claims of people trying to scam the system, said that Facebook was used regularly and formed part of their investigations.

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  1. we live in an island of bennifit cheats .the whole island is full of cheats from top to bottom why wast money on face book.? fools aint trawling just been caught out wasting paid time talking to freinds