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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

"Jersey Is Sick - Hospital Administrators Are Critical - The Nurses Are Fine"

Jersey's General Hospital is critically ill.

Deputy Anne Pryke, Health & Social Services Minister.

The Health Department has today published its assessment of how urgent the need for a new hospital is, and it makes grim reading.

It describes the current facility in St Helier as unsustainable, predicting it will soon run out of beds, that operations will be cancelled, islanders' health will suffer, and experienced staff will leave the island to go work elsewhere because conditions are going downhill.

The report says, "The hospital will eventually cease to be a hospital as we currently know it and will become a 'stabilise and send off island' emergency centre with some simple day surgery, outpatients and diagnostics services only."

In simple terms it is saying Jersey will not have a main hospital.

Today's assessment is designed to push the States to agree to build a new hospital, either on the current site or elsewhere in the island.

It also proposes a series of other improvements to the health service, including:

*Childrens health and wellbeing will improve as we put in place better integrated early intervention services;

*Older adults will live in their own homes for longer, supported by community services that help break the cycle of hospital admission and re-admission;

*Islanders with anxiety, depression and other mental health problems will be supported to reduce medication levels and remain active and in employment;

*People whose lifestyles put them at increased risk of cancer, cirrhosis and others diseases will receive better support to help them make healthier choices;

*Those at the end of their lives will have control over where and how they are cared for during those final, important months and;

*All hospital patients will benefit from a new building, whether on the existing site or in a different location - a build that promotes recovery; reduces the risk the infection, supports the dignity and privacy of patients, families and friends, and offers staff a modern and pleasant working environment.

Deputy Anne Pryke, Minister for Health and Social Services, said: "This proposition is the culmination of over two years of intensive work.

"It has been informed by thorough research and analysis, developed in partnership with professionals from across all sectors.

"Perhaps most importantly, it reflects what people have told us is important to them. It represents a significant milestone in the development of public services in which we as Islanders can have confidence."


  1. What an interview with Anne Pryke!!!

    It explained, and told us absolutely "NOTHING" about "ANYTHING" other than how incompetent Cover up TV & Anne Pryke are....

  2. Stuart Syvret and the victims of Jersey's abuses gets a long mention on RT today