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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

"Jersey Buses To Have Sails Painted On Them - So What?"

New Jersey buses to feature sails and Jersey French words

Bus impression with sail design 
 The new buses will appear on Jersey's roads when CT Plus take over in January

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Jersey's new buses will feature the sails of racing boats and the names of parishes in the island's native language.
It was the most popular of two designs put forward by new bus operator CT Plus in a public poll.
The company that will run the bus service next year asked islanders to decide what they should look like.
The sails design received about 80% of the public vote and will feature on all the new buses from January.
The other design, which had arcs of blue and green and was said to be inspired by the island's sea and grass, took only 20% of all votes cast.
Tony Scott Warren, from L'Office du Jerriais, welcomed the addition of the Jerriais words.
He said it was great news that Jersey French was becoming more prominent.

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