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Thursday, 6 September 2012

"Is Gorst Paving The Way For The Bailhache Brothers?"

Chief Minister wants the right to reshuffle

Senator Gorst wants to change the current rules to give Jersey’s Chief Minister the same power as Prime Minister David Cameron.

JERSEY’S Chief Minister should have the power to carry out a reshuffle of roles and to replace ministers, according to the man currently in the top job.

Senator Ian Gorst says that whoever is Chief Minister after the 2014 elections should be given the power to shuffle ministerial portfolios and replace ministers, subject to States approval.

But less than a year into his term of office, he says that there is no one from his Council of Ministers that he would get rid of if he had the chance.

Speaking after UK Prime Minister David Cameron’s reshuffle of ministers made national headlines, Senator Gorst said that he hoped to change the current rules, which allow the States to vote on every ministerial appointment and propose alternatives.

Instead, he said that the States Chamber should be able to veto his nominations – that would still give them the power to say yes or no, but not to propose alternatives.

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