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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

"Investigation Into The Sorda Treatment"

"But They Are Not Happy To Investigate
The Swinson Treatment"


  1. 'Stuff' gets leaked everywhere, everyday. Wake up Jersey.

    If you did not have so many secrets and 'in camera' debates there would be very little to leak!

    Power to all bloggers!

  2. Ian.

    Notwithstanding the apparent lies that were revealed in the in-camera debate leaked document. The crucial element here is the fact this document was leaked to a Blogger, just like many other documents/leaks, they are not given to the State Media.

    It is a frightening state of affairs when the "accredited" media cannot be trusted in a supposed "Democracy."

    Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) ARE trusted.

  3. ....three words......CORRUPT JERSEY POLITICIANS......mick

  4. Constable Simon Crowcroft wants to be a career politician, why then is he taking the secrecy route ? He is the chair of the PPC committee and should be putting the interests of the people first which for the Jersey Mafia reading this means transparency honesty accountability and truth.

    Be careful Constable Crowcroft it is easy to forget that the day of reckoning is approaching, you can be voted out Just as easily as Bob Le Brocq, and your ex Imogen Nichols. All because they forgot who decides who stays and who goes, and that is not Bailhache and his political friends.


  5. In a normal democracy, the leaks would be welcomed by mainstream investigative reporters, the most ethical of whom might hope to fulfill their highest journalistic purpose by bringing truth to the masses. In Jersey, leaks to the State Media, or Mainstream Media, as it is called in other places, would only see light of day with permission and approval of the government. Leak to the State Media only what you want covered up and buried. Link to the bloggers when you know it takes their notable courage to expose the facts in Jersey.