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Friday, 14 September 2012

"Important Update On Leah's Petition"

A Personal Message from Leah McGrath Goodman:

Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for signing Trevor's petition this week -- and, crucially, for passing it on to others. Because of you, we have heard from people on every continent, from the UK to Australia to Hong Kong to Brazil. Many of you have offered personal messages of support to Jersey -- and Jersey hears you and thanks you.

Few people on the island are brave enough to speak out because those who have done so have been punished. By signing this petition and offering your words of support, you have given these people a voice. Most importantly, you have given a voice to the many victims of abuse and violence who have suffered for decades unheard. Above all, we do this in honor of them.

Before midnight tonight, we have set a goal -- ambitious though it may be -- to hit 1,000 signatures. If you do just one good deed today, pass this petition on to a friend, colleague or family member and let them know this tiny island needs our help. Here is a shining example of how the power of the Internet can trump the power of unlimited wealth and riches – especially in a place like Jersey, which happens to be the largest offshore financial center on earth. (Yes, really.)

Some good news from this week:
We have already heard from the UK Border Agency -- no resolution yet, but that means you are being heard and you are making a difference!

UK Member of Parliament John Hemming tabled a motion Tuesday in support of this petition and called into question the motives behind the UK travel ban:
Nicholas Shaxson, best-selling author and Vanity Fair contributor, also boosted the effort:

I appeared on Keiser Report (known for its global audience) on the one-year anniversary of my getting the heave-ho:
Lastly, the BBC interviewed both Deputy Trevor Pitman, the Jersey member of parliament who initiated this petition, as well as Jersey blogger, Neil McMurray. While the interviews were blocked from international airing on the BBC's Web site ('due to technical difficulties or for contractual reasons') it is a start.

Once again, YOUR signatures and YOUR messages can stop the de-democratization of this island. One thing is clear from your comments: all of you realize that issues of truth, justice and free speech effect us all. In the end, a country that calls itself a "democracy" must act like one. Send a clear message to the UK that blocking freedom of expression cannot be tolerated -- and please urge others to do the same.

Thank you!


P.S. CNN had a special report today about how free speech is increasingly being targeted all over the WESTERN world. An expert stated that while this trend is alarming for many (obvious) reasons, the biggest one is that, historically, when people are robbed of their right to speak out, it is only a matter of time before their other rights are taken away too. We can make sure that doesn't happen.

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  1. Leah McGrath Goodman has got Americans interested in Jersey (Channel Islands) and that is excellent!

    - Aangirfan

  2. A good idea would be if CNN and other news and media agencies are targeted with the petition. Even if they do not promote their followers get to see it.

  3. Wonderful news, it's good to see that Leah is not going to let this drop. Each of these little victorys are a nail in the coffin for the establishment party.

  4. Please, we need a facebook link to share the petition in the US.

  5. Replies
    1. "JUST WHY" you cannot copy and paste the link to your own facebook page is beyond me?

    2. Is there some trolligarchy nonsense going on here?

  6. Replies
    1. That has got to be the best speech humanity has ever produced, will we learn?

  7. The cures for all cancers DYING TO HAVE KNOWN If only they had not deceived us?

    A hundred years of lies!!!

    1. Quick question Ian, if you or a loved one was to develop cancer would you recommend treatment via the Gerson method as opposed to chemo/radiation etc ?

    2. A good question Terry

      My answer would be this: Go out and deep research every possibility, then make your own informed choice when in possession of ALL THE FACTS.

      It is not for any of us to influence another human being in this situation, only to get the possibilities across. I personally would start with Hemp Oil, if that failed there would be plenty of time for the Gerson method. That would be my personal choice.

  8. Ian.

    The petition has just breached its 1,000th signatories THANK YOU and please keep spreading the word #FreeJersey


  9. Leah..

    Why have you applied for a Tier-1 Visa? This is for people who want leave to remain permanently in the UK area. Long term 'writers' tend to apply for a Tier-5 Visa, and temporary journalists tend to apply for a 'Business Visa'.

    Tell us more...