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Saturday, 8 September 2012

"I Need To Speak To This Fella!"

Gorst invites new UK justice secretary to visit

Gorst invites new UK justice secretary to visit

CHIEF Minister Ian Gorst has invited the new UK Justice Secretary to visit the Island after this week’s cabinet reshuffle.

Chris Grayling has taken over the role – which includes responsibility for the UK’s relationship with the Channel Islands – from Kenneth Clarke in Prime Minister David Cameron’s mid-term reshuffle.

Senator Gorst said that although the junior minister covering the Crown Dependencies would still be Lord McNally, the politician at the head of the department had been invited to come to Jersey to meet politicians here.

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  1. its not bad ,,our states members said they want jersey to split from england etc and yet here they are travelling the bloody world at our exspense and getting outside politicians to come to jerset wtf ...mick