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Saturday, 1 September 2012

"How Not To Look After Your Staff"

Four investigations under way into asbestos exposure

Four investigations under way into asbestos exposure

FOUR serious investigations are being carried out after workmen were exposed to potentially deadly asbestos while refurbishing homes and workplaces, the Health and Safety Inspectorate has confirmed.

Ten workmen may have inhaled poisonous asbestos, but it could be decades before they develop any health problems, if at all.

The health problems related to asbestos exposure range from breathing difficulties to incurable lung cancers, but the most serious cases only develop 15 to 40 years after exposure. All four cases are being investigated and could lead to criminal charges against employers.

Health and Safety director Colin Myers says that he is concerned that employers and workmen are not taking the simple steps necessary to protect themselves from the cancer-causing material.

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