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Saturday, 8 September 2012

"Hijacked Electoral Commission Crooked? - What! In Honest Open Transparent Jersey?"

Has electoral review been nobbled?

There are concerns that a review of Jersey's electoral system is being skewed by non-existent islanders.

One politician is asking questions in the States to find out how many potentially bogus submissions have been sent to the Electoral Commission.

What should Jersey's government look like? How many politicians should there be? And how should they be voted in?

All big questions, and ones which ultimately affect thousands of islanders lives.

But now there is concern that a group which is looking at the whole thing is being nobbled by fake submissions from non-existent islanders.

Deputy Trevor Pitman is looking for answers to his concern that bogus submissions using false identities have been sent to the Electoral Commission.

Next week he will use a States meeting to ask the Commission's chairman to reveal exactly how many emails they have received from addresses which can not be authenticated.

All Email addresses can be authenticated except those sent through a proxy server!

It comes as the Electoral Commission stage their final public hearing before wading through all their evidence to come up with reform recommendations.


  1. Interesting question. I have posted a submission on behalf of an association using a different email to the one I have registered for the public consultation list and received no challenge. Is that because the email has been used for other letters to and from The States in the past, and is already whitelisted, or because they just aren't bothering to check?

    1. I have no idea! All I do know is that if anything benefits them, they will do it regardless of the legality or lawfulness of their actions.