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Saturday, 8 September 2012

"Greedy Jersey Pigs Fleece Their Own - Yet Give Concessions To Visitors!!!"

Tax refunds for high-spending visitors

Visitors to Jersey can now get a tax refund on their shopping.

The trial scheme has been launched to put some fizz back into High Street sales.

The tax-back trial is aimed at high spenders - it only applies to sales of individual items costing £300 or more. Typically it will be attractive for top-end goods like jewellery and designer items.

Visitors will be entitled to the full 5% refund of GST, but there will be paperwork involved for both the buyer and retailer.

Retailers think it is worth it, because the scheme puts them on a level playing field with other countries who already offer a sales tax refund.

Gerald Voisin of department store Voisins believes a number of local retailers will benefit.

"It's certainly not going to hinder sales which can only be a positive thing," he said.

The UK has offered sales tax refunds to non-EU residents for many years.

If the 12-month trial, due to begin this month, is successful, it will lead to a more permanent scheme in Jersey.

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