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Monday, 3 September 2012

"Childrens Innocence Being Eroded Before Its Time"

Viewing hard-core porn a risk for young

There have been many initiatives to warn parents of the dangers of the internet
CHILDREN who gain access to hard-core pornography on the internet are at risk of developing serious problems in later life, says an expert responsible for treating Island paedophiles.

Clinical forensic psychologist David Briggs, who works as a consultant with Jersey’s Probation Service, warns that the effects of exposure to inappropriate material at a young age are as concerning as they are unknown.

His comments come amid wider concerns that the proliferation of porn, which was once available only in top-shelf magazines, on the internet is normalising sexual behaviour among youngsters.

In an interview in today’s JEP, Mr Briggs explains that inappropriate sexual activity and access to hard-core images increases the risk of a person becoming a sex offender when combined with other factors.

Murdered beauty pageant baby JonBenét Ramsey case still unsolved

Poor little beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey's murder is still unsolved. She was discovered dead in the basement of the Ramsey's home on Christmas day. Police found DNA of an uknown male in the girl's panties.

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