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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

"A Twelve Year Old Knows More About Banking & Finance Than Gorst! - What They Don't Want The Sheeple To Know"

No Plan B

Jersey's Chief Minister has defended the island's £2 billion financial plan for the next three years, saying he "Doesn't need a Plan B".

12 year old Victoria Grant Explains the world banking scam

Senator Ian Gorst says his plans ARE realistic even though they have been derided as highly optimistic by the Chamber of Commerce.

The medium term financial plan sets spending targets and is balanced with forecast income. To make the plan come to fruition as it stands, the island will have to see a strong return to economic growth. It is that point which has brought cries of scepticism from business leaders who have seen trade volumes and profits slide for several years.

The Chamber has called for plans to deal with different scenarios, including a continuation of the present European recession and uncertainty in the Euro as a currency.

Although Senator Gorst says there is no need for a Plan B, he does concede that the current plan may have to change as reality catches up with forecasts.


  1. Ian.

    Senator Gorst appears to be the hot TOPIC

  2. he is a right bell i dont know where they get them from

  3. Whosat? conehead the barbarian? Thats's some chin he has.

  4. Yes Ian, even in Jersey's finance industry the peadophiles rule as they do thoughout our stystem of government! Many, are married men and sit on many boards, and seem very respectable.........think of this the next time you buy a lottery ticket hint, hint.

  5. I never by a lottery ticket, I can't even trust them to draw that fair & square!

  6. maybe pay the cliffpath cleaners in lottery tickets