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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

"What's A Mature Relationship Got To Do With Fast-Tracking Laws?"

UK want a ‘mature’ relationship with Jersey, says minister

Justice Minister Lord McNally with Chief Minister Ian Gorst
Justice Minister Lord McNally with Chief Minister Ian Gorst 
NEW laws could be ‘fast-tracked’ through the UK scrutiny process instead of being held up for a year or more before they can be brought into force.

Chief Minister Ian Gorst said that productive talks with Justice Minister Lord McNally, who is responsible for the UK government’s relationship with the Channel Islands, may have opened up a system for quicker legislative scrutiny.

Laws agreed by politicians here have to be ‘signed off’ by the Queen’s Privy Council before they can be brought into force, but the process can take a year or more. Senator Gorst said that, during a three-day visit last week, Lord McNally proposed a quicker system and said that the UK government wanted a stronger relationship with the Island.


  1. This could prove to be an interesting turn of events, instead of the excuse of how long the privy council in UK take we will get a better idea of how long it takes Jersey States to take new laws to the Privy council in the first place.

  2. O.K we hear demonstrate by passing the immigration Law that is so desperately needed that it is at emergency level....