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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

"What's Going On?"

Health ‘cutting out’ alcoholism charity

Health ‘cutting out’ alcoholism charity
Frank Laine of Silkworth Lodge at the Scrutiny hearing
FEARS have been raised about drug and alcohol treatment in Jersey after a leading charity which treats addiction claimed it has been mysteriously frozen out by the Health department.

In a Scrutiny hearing on Monday, representatives of the Silkworth Lodge treatment centre blew the whistle on an apparent major breakdown in the relationship between the charity which runs it and the States department.

Frank Laine, chairman of the charity, told the Health, Social Services and Housing Scrutiny panel that:
- Despite giving Silkworth  £220,000 of taxpayers’ money per year, the States Alcohol and Drugs Service suddenly stopped referring patients to the charity last October – leaving six beds empty for almost a year.

- The Health department has failed to consult the charity over major plans to overhaul the treatment of alcohol abuse in Jersey contained in the recent white paper on the future of the Health department.

- Health officials have failed to tell the charity why the referrals have stopped and why it did not consult it on the white paper proposals.

- And the department secretly bought the Roseneath shelter for the homeless under the nose of the charity – even though it knew it had submitted its own bid for the property.

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