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Thursday, 16 August 2012

"Token Jesture From The States Before They Trash The Committee of Inquiry?"

Jersey to bring in 'Sarah's Law' to protect children

Congratulations to Richard & Deborah Bougeard who I know have been working tirelessly on this subject with English Policeman, Stewart Gull and Sara Payne.

Well done you guys :)



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A scheme to protect children in Jersey from sexual predators will come into force from the start of next year.

The Child Sex Offences Disclosure Scheme (CSODS) will allow parents to ask for a background check on anyone who has contact with their children.

It is based on the UK scheme, informally known as Sarah's Law, which has been running for four years.
Home Affairs Minister Ian Le Marquand said it would give better safeguards for children's safety and welfare.

He said: "Under the scheme which now operates in the UK, anyone can request that an individual who has access to a child or children is checked for a record of child sexual offences.

"If the individual is found to have convictions for sexual offences against a child or children, and poses a risk of causing serious harm to the child or children concerned, then this information may be disclosed to the person best placed to protect the child or children.

"This is usually the parent, carer or guardian; not necessarily the person who made the application."
It is expected when the system launches on 1 January background requests will go through Jersey Police.

The UK scheme was introduced after the abduction and murder of schoolgirl Sarah Payne in Sussex in 2000 by Roy Whiting, a known paedophile.

Last year in the UK, about 1,600 requests for information about individuals were made and 160 disclosures were granted.


  1. Lessons have been learned! I am waiting for that to appear in the media via the government.

    It's a phrase that is synonimous with "we know people have done wrong but let's just let bygones be bygones, we must protect our image", after all image is everything according to a certain former Chief Minister.

  2. hahaha, yes, "lessons have been learned and it's time to move on!"

    You just know it's coming :)

  3. yup, just move on till the next lesson needs to be learned. It's a pathetic excuse considering we are such a small place and these lessons have already supposedly been learned and acted upon in other countries. It's a case of doing the bare minimum so the same excuse can then be rolled out again and again, which adheres to what you said "token gesture".

  4. I heard le marquand speaking on the radio yesterday,hearing his voice makes me feel sick.