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Thursday, 16 August 2012

"The Mental Capacity Of Our Judiciary Is Frightening"

The tree's got away with it


And we pay these bloody lunatics?

Brian Constantine reports.
Over-hanging branches, offending bushes and lots of walking.

It's that time of year again, when the great and good of Jersey's Royal Court tour the islands parishes for the Visite Royale.

Today it was the Parish of St Brelade under scrutiny.


  1. And how much did this mindless idiocy cost, I wonder?

  2. Haha, I am a 40 year old Jersey Bean eh and I have never heard of this before. Mind bogglingly farcical. I don't mind a bit of tradition but trying to infer a serious side to it is ridiculous. does it mean there are no people competent enough to solve boundary disputes until the Royale Tour comes to their Parish?!! Ah its so funny, got to laugh at some of our traditions, well actually, I laugh at most of them but as long as they aren't causing any harm them its ok. It's the way that certain politicians use the term tradition to get their own ways that Royale(y) pisses me off.

  3. Ian.

    In Jersey (who are one of only three places in the world who has not ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child UNCRC) a tree actually has better legal rights than a child. See HERE

  4. They enjoy themselves at your expense, tax payers money again paying for their day out.

    1. seen this on rankine tv thought i switched onto monty python sketch , beggars belief, people sectioned for less

    2. hahaha, good one, and true :