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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

"The Ghost Batters His Mother Yet Again!!!"

Man jailed for beating up his elderly mother

 David Nimmo

AN unemployed alcoholic has been jailed after beating up his frail elderly mother in an unprovoked drunken attack.

David Nimmo, who has a history of assaulting his mother, punched the 72-year-old in the face and repeatedly stamped on her feet before pushing her back into her sofa as she tried to get up.

The pensioner, who has been beaten up by Nimmo five times since 1995, broke down in tears as she was assaulted. She was left with numerous bruises to her face and feet and taken to hospital for treatment.

On Monday 54-year-old Nimmo was jailed for two years and three months for the attack and a separate assault on Ambulance Service paramedics.

"The pensioner, who has been beaten up by Nimmo five times since 1995"

Yeah....And the rest!!!


  1. berch him ;hope he meets his match up la moye ,even the grasses dont like this

  2. the c*nt should hang

  3. How is it that this man is on permanent disability benefit?
    He seems to be fit enough to beat up elderly people.
    La Moye justice might just show him the error of his ways.

  4. hanging would be too good for this scum , some medieval is the way to go