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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

"That Disgusting JEP Again"

"When the simplest courtesy is
just too much to ask"

Craig De La Haye lost his wife and daughter in the stabbings last year. The last thing Craig wanted was for the JEP to show murder weapons covered in blood, or the graphic detail accompanying them!

Below is Craig's response to our "FILTHY RAG"

Craig, Marta & Julia

Craig De La Haye

I am father and husband of two of the victims.
I am totally disgusted with the JEP's coverage of the trial (again). I have not read the articles printed since the trial started, however after Wednesday's publication, friends have expressed their outrage at the level of detail in which things have been described.
This makes me more upset at their attitude, for me and i imagine most normal people at how inappropriate the level of detail is.
Even more so as I had asked the JEP to add my comment at the end of the article covering the mass on Tuesday. Which they told me they couldn't as it was INAPPROPRIATE !!! whom????
This is what I asked them to print...

"I was unaware this remembrance service had been arranged. I only found out when i read Thursdays Jep an was in total shock that nobody had had the decency or care to ask if i would like to be involved in this. Why wasn't i told this was happening ? I feel totally let down by all those involved in this remembrance service. . You would assume as being the husband and father of 2 of the victims of this crime, the organisers would have had the decency to at least inform me this was taking place. After all, this is a remembrance service for family, friends and people who knew the victims to come together and remember the loved ones taken from us. Nobody has contacted myself or any of my other immediate family. I had to learn this was happening through your paper which means you knew before i did. I am disgusted by it all."

Wonder how long before this comment is deleted!!

Posted on the 17th August at the link below

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  1. Wow. Just wow. It is very disturbing to read that he was not even contacted.