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Friday, 24 August 2012

"Taking A Step Back From The Brink!!!"

Rankine Cover-up TV
& THE FILTHY RAG Fart Again!!!

But that's all it is, hot air with a foul stench!

Who, with even the tiniest perception of what goes down in Jersey believes anything these tossers print or say?


BBC JERSEY...."Damian Rzeszowski: Jersey father cleared of murdering family"
"Jersey Father?"
I thought the bastard was Polish!!!

RANKINE COVER UP TV....These brainless sad halfwits picked no less than '8' different headlines tonight to get the same farcical point across!!!

THE FILTHY RAG...."Rzeszowski Not Guilty Of Murder"
Are the poor victims....Not Actually Dead Then???

How in God's Name can these six people be dead and yet no-one murdered them???

Am I the only sane man on Jersey?


  1. Rest in the most profoundly beautiful peace and tranquility you lovely people xxx

    1. Hi Ian,

      Totally agree with this comment but am unable to agree with much else on the page.

      I think the verdict of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility was probably correct.
      It seems unlikely that Rzeszowski was anywhere near sane so I was surprised time was wasted on the "murder" trial.

      I think they pressed the murder charges because anything else could have been an admission that our mental health services FOULED UP - and perhaps this multiple tragedy could have been avoided if Rzeszowski had been supported, treated /monitored or even sectioned.

      Sectioning (or the Jersey equivalent) is not to be taken lightly - it is effectively imprisonment without trial.

      A friend of mine disappeared for a whole month. It turned out that she had been sectioned !!!

      She had not engaged in multiple suicide attempts and serious self harm like Rzeszowski, I believe - NO it appears that the way to get over-zealous - I mean intensive "care" is to complain vociferously about the abuse at HDLG where you and your sibling (may he rest in peace) were "orphaned to" as children.

      Could this perhaps be an abuse of our mental health services as yet another resource to cover up and to protect the establishment ?
      It would surprise me if this incarceration was justifiable. Public money and facilities are used for private purposes on this island.
      Contrast the "need" and the consequence in the two cases -smacks of amateurism ! Could it be that others share Rzeszowski's blame for these killings?

      Leave the "Daily Mail" stuff it schoolboys like David Rose.
      Catch a hold of your emotion because I think you need a new angle on this Ian. - this one could run and run -and even feature in the pubic enquiry WHEN it happens.


    2. Believe me anon, I know the failures of this mental health excuse for a system, it's called money....Jerseys filthy pigs not doing the bidding of those who elected them to governance.

      What do we do about it?

      That all depends on the outrage! Where is the outrage?

      As ever in Jersey, the sheeple stay silent aside from the occasional baah in the wilderness!!!

    3. When the Jersey sheeple have grown a set of nads, then we can move forward, until then, you all shall remain paralysed by impotence of will!

  2. Syvret has fucked off Ian, you're all alone now.....:-)

    1. I have never been alone Jon, I have always had ME by MY side, it is trivial turds like you that are alone and lost in the world, please take your pitiful sadness away from my blog :)

    2. BTW, it's a shame this verdict came on the same day as the Breivik verdict, as Jersey's judicial system could have learned from the sanity of that judgement.

      It will be interesting to see if the 'diminished responsibility' is being put down to assumed mental health problems, it may not be, it may be that they are judging that he was provoked by the wife or her friend. You can obviously be provoked into a rage.

      What also automatically rules out mental illness being a cause is the gap between the argument that was had and him returning and killing people. A mentally ill person doesn't have the capacity to plan and carry out the plan (that is a fact, hence the Breivik verdict), they would have reacted right there and then. Rather he reacted an hour to an hour and a half AFTER the argument!

      Also worth noting mentally ill people are less dangerous to the public than those classed as sane. It's only very fractionally less but it is statistical fact. They are more likely to harm themselves (and yes, if he'd really wanted to kill himself he would have succeeded!) than others.

  3. Actually, it seems that he was perfectly sane just angry (which isn't a mental illness). It is not uncommon for men, particularly in Poland, to attempt suicide when they feel shame and embarrassment (rightly or wrongly) due to a wife having an affair or not being able to provide financially for their family. Some men simply cannot handle the shame. Attempted suicide does not always indicate a mental health problem, sometimes someone's life just sucks that much. When that fails it isn't uncommon for them to turn their anger on their loved ones, plenty of cases of it in Britain never mind Poland. Humans are capable of extreme rage and some of them simply do not learn to control their rage, that is not a mental illness. Don't be fooled by a psychiatrist prescribing anti-depressants and anti-psychotics, these can still have a positive effect even when depression and psychosis are absent, mostly in the fact that they act as a tranquiliser or sedative (good when rage is an issue). Remember some psychiatrists also have problems accepting that a perfectly normal human being could be capable of such a hideous crime, even some psychiatrists do not want to be in the same classification of species as such a 'monster'. Fact is humans are capable of great rage and great violence (the man had a history of violence) without any mental illness having to be present. You'd do well to read the Polish newspaper reports coming from the trial, they highlight a lot of stuff that the JEP is conveniently missing out.

    1. Hi,
      Interesting comments (yours and others).

      I do not support the JEP rag by actually buying it.

      It is clearly a complex case in an already complicated area.
      With also perhaps cultural issues which I was not aware of.

      do you have any links to good write ups on the tragedy.
      Perhaps even google translations of informative Polish reports ?

      Thank you.

  4. Verdict a fucking insult to the victims! that cunning bastard killed the strongest one first (when his back was turned) the rest, easy.
    Ten fights since he came to Jersey, fuck off, I hope they stick the bastard in Belmarch where he has so many girlfriends it is an insane verdict, in line though, with the shit that could only happen in an evil corrupt shithole like Jersey.
    I hope he dies a very, very very slow lingering life in absolute fucking agony!

  5. He probably won't even be deported, and we'll have to pay for his upkeep for years to come.
    The Polish community should think about buying him a one way ticket back to Poland, and paying for his incarceration; assuming of course that he doesn't get probation and community service.


  7. clearly he is a mental case .
    but i am sorry for the victims that he is only guilty of man slaughter .
    i am hoping that he will have to stay away from us the public longer than if found guilty of murder ?.
    we all know he murdered but maybe he would only get say max of 30 years and would be out after only 15 years ? well that would be an insult to the victims and us as the public .look at the newal case he was out within 15 years and that was planed .he will be earning big bucks now and living it up . anyway i hope this guy will never be able to harm anyone else ,god bless all the victims .