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Monday, 13 August 2012

"Jerseys Second Killer In A 'Week' To Stand Trial Without A Jury Of Their Peers!!!"


Jerseys Justice System is a broken, not fit for purpose shambles,
and has been for many a year.

Killers facing trial with no jury?
No valid or legitimate Prosecution Service?
What is going down on this utterly corrupted rock?

Ju-rats, who are non qualified in law, are sitting in judgement of people who
could very well be innocent of the charges they face!

These charges decided upon by one biased individual!

The Attorney General of Jersey, Dim Tim Le Cock!

How can this be in any way LAWFUL???

The World's press are visiting 'again' this demonic little septic isle,
let us hope they decide to look into the link below!!!

AND look at the labels at the foot of this posting!



  1. i see howard "not so sharp" is in there

  2. I was reminded tonight, simply by looking at my blog stats, that someone, somewhere in the world, was looking at THIS VIDEO of myself and Carrie, The Chairman of the Jersey Care Leavers Association, and abuse survivor, attending the Rally Against Child Abuse in London 2010.

    After the shitty time I have had lately, I was privileged to reflect on the wonderful weekend I spent in London with Carrie 'who snores desperately', and all of the brave survivors who summoned up the courage within themselves to get up on that stage and empty their heart to the World that day.

    We made many friends and allies that day, some of whom helped to rid Jersey of Common Purpose scum like David Warcup & MICK GRADWELL.

    Whilst the World Press are again here in corrupt little Jersey, we would hope that the legitimate, honest, decent, caring members of the worlds news reporters will get in touch with Carrie Modral. We would hope that one of them will have the courage and determination to look into the fact that the Committee of Inquiry into child abuse is turning into a farce, just like we knew it would.

    As Carrie said in the video, "we are a small island, we are on our own, and we need your help" any takers who have the balls to follow through on Carries request, please have the nads to telephone me on 07797 851 273 I would be more than happy to put you through to my fab friend :)

    1. Failing this kind offer, we will continue the fight alone

      See you on the other side :)

    2. "No Retreat, No Surrender"

    3. By God, that woman Carrie Modral, is some rock!!! :)

  3. Just out of interest & curiosity you visiting JOURNALISTS, Howz about one of you guys visiting THIS LITTLE CORRUPT JERSEY LAWYER'S TREASURE?. As utterly worthless as myself and Cyril are, we fight in defense of the common Jersey victim, who's life has been destroyed by the greed of the Jersey syndicate!!!

    ANY TAKERS? Any one of you wish to expose the shit that goes on in the Queen's own back yard???

    This is Angela Amy's story, and the legacy that leaves Jerseys parasitic lawyers and corrupted judges trying to fleece this woman of her sweat, blood, and life tears because one saddo lawyer has taken a shine to her home???

    That fucking obtuse, odious, obnoxious, ignorant, arrogant, disgusting parasitic wanker is called advocate Philip Sinel, once purported friend of Stuart Syvret, but not no more! :)

    Bring it on you rich fat fucking disgusting bastard, on behalf of Angela Amy, I challenge you to sue me you disgusting worm!!!

    I will die before I ever let you, or your brethren filth take her well earned and payed for farm off her.

    Watch your back maggot!!!

  4. Just look at Panorama last night re "The Welsh Three" & how 8 coppers got away with "murder"

    1. Thanks anon, will have a watch now

  5. Listening to the news on Radio 4 last night I heard the first mention that the prosecution maintained that Rzeszowski was sane but exploded in rage and had an appalling temper. The defence of course argues for diminished responsibilty due to mental health issues, but it struck me it was probably another case of the local presstitutes trying to spin things as usual, to make Jersey look better.

    They probably think the world will think more favourably about Jersey if they push the angle that it was a descent into madness of some sort (from a loving family man), rather than a dangerous man prone to violent temper outbursts.

    Of course the opposite is true, in reality. There's not much a caring society can do about violent thugs who keep their abuse hidden behind closed doors and no-one knows about it.

    Whereas a descent into madness due to the stresses of modern life building up until breaking point - is something we can all have a little bit of guilt about, because we are all responsible for the dog eat dog world and should be looking out for each other.

    Whether the local discredited media are trying to apply spin or not, I was still disgusted at the voyeuristic sensationalist gossiping coverage of exactly what happened, the horror of who was knifed where and how many times. Do we REALLY need to know how many times a small child was knifed in the chest and back while he was drawing at the dining table? The media profit from the bloodlust they believe we have, and I was sickened by that last night.

    1. What else can you expect from a bunch of hick rednecks? These imbeciles cover up child abuse, if you can do that, there is no limit to your evil....

  6. Thanks anon for the Panorama episode, my God that was so Jersey, exactly the way our CORRUPT POLICE behave.