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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

"Our Chap"

States Chief says he will deliver value for money - News, Weather & Information for the Channel Islands - richardson

Richardson has that same creepy look as Ogley and Walker

Jersey States newly appointed Chief Executive has said his key priority over the next few years is to deliver value for money for the taxpayer.

John Richardson has been chosen as the best man for the job, after being the Acting Chief Executive for more than a year.

He will be in the £190,000 a year job for the next 3 and half years.

Before his current post, Mr Richardson spent 2 years as the States Deputy Chief Executive and 7 years as Chief Officer for Transport and Technical Services.

John Richardson says he is very pleased to be appointed to the position.

"I am especially looking forward to leading the public sector at this difficult and challenging time. I will be focusing closely on the reform of the public sector, so we can ensure the States of Jersey is efficient, effective and fit for the future."

But what do you think Mr Richardson should make his top priority?

We will be interviewing the island's top civil servant live on Channel Report at 6pm.

What would you like to ask him? Post your questions below.



    Sorry Ian, I'm no good at links but I think these two stories show just how much John Richardson can be trusted....

  2. Is this the same guy who told Bill Ogley and WEB that Terry le Sueur had authorised WEBs involvement in the Lime Grove property deal?

    Worrying if it is he who is described as the deputy chief executive at the time.

    The CAG found that Terry le Sueur had not given his authorisation and when "the deputy chief executive" was asked to back it up in writing he failed to do so.

    On the face of what's in the CAG report it seems this guy is willing to mislead people verbally but not in writing?

  3. Frightening, can't wait to see his view on the COI TOR's

  4. I was going to say "and that'll be why a Jerseyman has been chosen" however, it doesn't matter where the person is from they will only be the chosen one if they are willing to tow the line. I dont't expect any more or any less from this new guy, just the same old same old.

    You would need to have some serious morals in order to earn 190k per year and not do as your told or expected to do. I don't have much faith in people in his position and earning that much for a few years to be able to keep their morals in check as its already shown what happens if you do, Bill Ogley not included.

  5. On CTV last night he said times were hard for all of us.
    On his pay?! Can't take him seriously, can we?