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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

"Ministry Of Justice Abandons It's Citizens In Jersey "

"Not even the courtesy to sign for their betrayal"

As we are aware, Cyril wrote to King Birt a month ago in complaint of the appalling conduct of Barking Bill Bailhache at Cyril's appeal hearing, wherein Bailhache refused to investigate the complaints Cyril made. See link below

These complaints were that two policemen had committed perjury at his trial, and that the trial tapes had been doctored by someone at the Greffe.

These complaints were copied to
General Sir John McColl - Lieutenant Governor of Jersey
Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clarke MP. QC.  Justice Secretary
Rt. Hon. Teresa May MP.  Home Secretary

We would add that not one of the four named above have responded in any way, shape, or form.
Below is a reminder of the complaint.

cyril vibert
c/o 10 Haut de la rue farm,
St. Martin,
23rd July 2012.
Sir M.C.St.J. Birt.
Bailiff of Jersey.
Bailiffs Chambers,
Royal Square,
St. Helier,

Dear Sir Michael,
Please take note that I hereby lodge a formal complaint against Deputy Bailiff, William J Bailhache for abuse of discretion, in relation to my appeal against conviction from the Magistrates Court on the 27th April 2012, at the Royal Court on the 25th June 2012.
This complaint refers to two matters arising from my conviction at the Magistrates Court on 27th April 2012.
1) My claim of perjury by PC 252 O’Neill and PC 283 O’Brien, in that they both lied whilst under oath in the Magistrates Court and subsequently their evidence was used by Assistant Magistrate Shaw to form part of her judgment, there is an on- going police investigation into this matter (attachment 1) and should the officers be shown to have lied under oath, all of their evidence in this case would be called into question.  
The correct form was filed by me, asking for PC O’Neill to attend Court as a witness in the appeal (attachment 2), PC O’Neill’s police notebook contains the evidence proving perjury. PC O’Neill did not attend the appeal, the respondent claiming he had a firearms training course that day, this reason was accepted by the Deputy Bailiff.

2) There are 4 witnesses who are willing to testify that the transcripts of the Magistrates hearing have missing parts, a witness and me can testify that the recording of that same hearing also have parts missing. On the 25th June 2012 I asked the Deputy Bailiff for an independent forensic examination of this recording to determine what had gone wrong with this recording, this request was refused by the Deputy Bailiff.
Appendix 3, is a copy of the Deputy Bailiffs decision on these matters.

I do not accept the Deputy Bailiffs use of discretion in these matters as they have direct implications
On my ability to conduct a fair and meaningful appeal .

How the Deputy Bailiff can find that ‘alleged’ perjury by Police Officers and problems with Court recordings and transcripts have no bearing on my appeal, is not explained by the deputy Bailiff.
There are, of course, wider implications to these matters, which I am sure you will no doubt comprehend.

Yours sincerely,

cyril vibert

cc to;
General Sir John McColl, Lieutenant Governor of Jersey.
Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clarke MP. QC.  Justice Secretary.
Rt. Hon. Teresa May MP.  Home Secretary.

What we did receive today was the following from some group calling themselves The Crown Dependencies Team,
whatever the hell that is?

On reading their letter it would appear to be one of those 'fob you off' letters.

It starts with "Thank you for your Email"....
What Email? We didn't send an Email!!!
Anyone smelling a rat yet???

It goes on to explain that Jersey is not part of the UK.
Yes, we know that, but it sure as hell is part of Britain :)

And finally, they couldn't even sign this nonsensical garbage!
Anyone smelling a huge rat yet???

And we think England are coming to our aid???



  1. Sighed: Manjula Rettna Kumar!!! WTF, an oh so very British person tells Cyril that we are not part of the United Kingdom, priceless. Are you sure that this is not part of a commedy scene written for the Kumar family and stolen!!!

    1. Yes, and can't even spell proper English 'your compliant!' No - you are not compliant. You sent a complaint!

      Farcical beyond belief.

  2. I will be emailing the Justice Policy Group International Directorate Crown Dependencies Group (phew) to ask for clarification of some of the points in their unsigned letter.
    ho hum


  3. New Orleans

  4. If you have to reply to my garbage, please send all correspondence to "C/O The Broom Cupboard, 10 Downing Street". This really is comical, if that is the best they can do to convince someone to go away, it's not going to work. Stupid or what!!

  5. Personally, I don't think any of Cyril's letters even left Jersey, the States love intercepting mail, and I bet the above is a template letter.

    When I was in prison there were three of us with the same concerns, we got identical letters back from English Government on different occasions with an illegible photocopied signature, I thought then that Jersey had sent them to us.

  6. Dear Mr R Sorda,

    Subject: Graham Powers Judicial Review – Conflict of Interest

    Thank you for your email dated 10 May 2012 copied to the Secretary of State of Ministry of Justice, in which you raise your concerns about the conflict of interest of Mr. Graham Powers in relation to his Judicial Review. Your email has been forwarded to the Crown Dependencies Team as we are responsible for managing the relationship between the UK and Crown Dependencies. I have been asked to reply.

    At the outset, I should explain that Jersey is not a part of the United Kingdom. It is an internally self-governing Dependency of the Crown with its own legislative assembly, its own administrative, fiscal and legal systems and its own courts of law.

    Consequently, the Judicial Review and any conflict of interest relating to it, are a domestic matter for the Jersey legal system (Courts) and not an issue upon which it would be appropriate for the Ministry of to intervene or comment upon.

    Yours sincerely,

    Manjula Rettna Kumar
    Crown Dependencies Team

    Ian, we have a real fight on our hands. This is a simply a decking joke

    1. Well that will be what is known as a template response, insert name here, change a little there as needed and hey presto hit send!!

      On a lighter note....

      Taken and copied from a comment section on BBC Jersey facebook page:

      Jon S Haworth: I though it was against Facebook's terms of use to use bogus names?

      You got to laugh at the sheer cheek of it!!!! LOLOL

  7. FPMSL!!!

    Told ya all, I been here before and learned :)

  8. Ian,

    google Manjula and guess what comes up????

    SOD ALL!!!!

  9. Ian try googling Manjula Rettna Kumar.

  10. I already have, it gave me a link to Guernsey and Canada which are governed by the crown, but I am feeling a little weary at the minute as I attended the Royal Court murder trial, and on leaving was detained for allegedly not turning up to court on the 17th. I was then whisked off to magistrates court where I was further charged with contempt of court :)

    1. you contemptuous bugger, how dare you show yourself. You were an uninvited guest. Despicable. I hope lessons have been learned and you won't disgrace our courts with your presense again until we call for you.

      Well, thats the impression I get of the Bridget Bullshit Sytem

    2. Cyril....Don't start getting all emotional on me, I couldn't give a rats ass!

  11. Being charged with Manslaughter means that he had mental problems.
    Two to four weeks before he committed Manslaughter he was admitted to a local mental hospital.

    Would like to see those reports from those local mental hospitals.

    H&SS most have been praying for a murder charge

  12. Who cares?

    As long as the filthy piece of destructive shit is never again released on the decent people of this world, it matters not :)

  13. Who cares?


    Mental Health and Child Abuse are the two biggest taboos out there.

    There are many points of interest to come from todays verdict. What if the tragic events could have been avoided? I have not sat through the full hearings. On a case of this magnitude I believe it would be essential so one could get a better understanding of the points raised by the experts.


  14. I fully understand your point Rico, Christ, I have brought enough mental health issues to the forefront in the last 3 years. But when the States of Jersey still side with delusional jerks like Anne Pryke, what hope of any future for those facing mental problems?

    They have done nothing but cut funding to it's bare roots!!! Coz they don't give a God damned shit! Out of sight....Out of mind...THE JERSEY WAY!!!

  15. He was in local mental hospital 4 weeks before he killed 6 people.

    Why did these highly paid experts, not suss him out at the time he got admitted?

    The pressure is on for
    (lets move on and learn by our mistakes) Pryke and co....


    1. We been there anon, a few times, and I just posted a new posting on today's heartbreak XXX