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Friday, 17 August 2012

"Landlord rip-off must stop, says Housing Minister, But he can't do anything about it? PRICELESS"

Landlord rip-off must stop, says Housing Minister

Housing Minister Andrew Green
Housing Minister Andrew Green
COMPLAINTS about landlords ripping off tenants by refusing to pay back deposits on rented flats are being made every other week, says Housing Minister Andrew Green.

He says that he is regularly contacted by individuals, couples and families who are being ripped off by landlords who refuse to hand over their rent deposits when they move on, even if the flats were left clean and tidy.

The Deputy says that he wants to introduce a new law by the end of the year forcing owners to hand back the deposits, but that until it happens, there is nothing he can do.


  1. this shit being going on for decades ,people would pay up just to get insecure roof over their
    heads then get shafted when they move on ,the gravy train is drying up

  2. My advise is STOP PAYING DEPOSITS!!! Offer the pigs a weeks rent in advance, if they are not happy with that, go find another gaff....or get "Medieval" with their asses!

    1. medieval absolute,but hey karma is knocking on the maggotts doors ,empty rooms = no deposits