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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

"Jon 'halfwit' Haworth - A True Button"

"Halfwit Haworth is back on YouTube
after annoying me with calls, text's & Emails over the last month :)"

Having had the good sense to keep a copy of the vid below,
I was wondering just for how long I would need to keep it?
Not long hey Jon Boy!

A few weeks ago some slavering pissed up idiot rang me late at night.

In fact it was around the beginning of July. Of course, I knew immediately who it was,
there is no mistaking that God Damned imbecile. 

I explained quite politely to this brainless schmuck, that I didn't want anything to do with him,
and that he shouldn't call again. I was very fair considering....
His response was to get all tough,
as I had been polite, he had assumed I was a pussy!
His text that night is below.

7th July 2012 @ 23.30
From Jon Haworth
  "Some tough guy you are.
You do not know me but seem to write so much.
I will visit you shortly."

 Six minutes later, halfwit Haworth text me again,
probably because he had realized his text message could be construed as a threat.

7th July 2012 @ 23.36
From Jon Haworth
"In a friendly way though.
You get better.
You do actually know me.
This is whats sad about it all."

Damn straight Jon, knowing you is extremely sad. 

I have had a few anonymous calls from the halfwit since the first call,
and the end of last week I got some more texts.
He was wetting his mattress!!!

10th August 2012 @ 18.39
From Jon Haworth
"Ian pick up the phone"

What for Jon? To listen to your odious crap?

10th August 2012 @ 18.53
From Jon Haworth
"We will meet Ian"

I think he started getting really pissed when I kept ignoring him.
I received a few more anonymous calls that night, not sure if it was Knobby though.

"We Will Meet?"

Halfwit Haworth could only contain himself another 2 or 3 hours
before he resorted to desperate emails to my blog.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ""Dita Paverniece - We Blogger's Told You Jersey Wa...":

I think you bloggers are cowards.

Ian of 5 La Breton Lane, S.H., JE2 4QP let me come and see you to discuss things.

Posted by Anonymous to "JERSEYS EVENING PROPAGANDA" at August 10, 2012 8:53 PM

I think Haworth's cheese is finally sliding off his cracker!!!
Perhaps he should put sugar in his cans of Stella.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post ""Dita Paverniece - We Blogger's Told You Jersey Wa...":

Ian I love you.

I used to drink with many years ago.

If you want to repeat the tape of me phoning ***** ********* over and over again, hey I should make a second!

Meet up with me soon and you take care you frankenstein git.

Jon Haworth

Posted by Anonymous to "JERSEYS EVENING PROPAGANDA" at August 10, 2012 9:44 PM

Haworth also rang me when I was with Cyril, who heard him
telling me that he was going to give me "A WAR"
Well, bring it on brain dead.

The link directly below is an extremely well written insight into the workings
of this twisted clown, thank you Mr Syvret
enjoy :)

"Your all over Facebook"

Yes Jon, and you are all over YouTube & Vimeo,
Hee Hee :)

You half-witted tit!!!


  1. That video should be used by the health service to put youngsters off drinking alcohol.

  2. Careful anon, he might start ringing you!!!

  3. Thanks for your input again troll, but as I told your stupid self yesterday, I am not posting any of your crap....EVER AGAIN :)

    1. Sleep tight, don't let Jonny bite :)

  4. You still posting comments trolligarchy?

    I said NO MORE & I mean NO MORE, later fool....

  5. I think we all know who the coward is Ian, why do you not report that threatening text to the Police, that may shut the cowardly bastard up for good, fucking arseholes like him ( there are plenty of them) would not hesitate for a minute to report you.

  6. Raymac

    I cannot complain to the police or judiciary about anything, they flatly refuse to do anything about any complaint I make, that includes not even responding to my letters of criminal complaint.

    But they are crooks so we cannot expect anything else.

    1. Hi Ian

      Comments noted but each time you do make a complaint and they do nothing the evidence is mounting. Surely it must be a good thing to accumulate even more examples of where they do nothing against this idiot so that come judgement day.......... As sole destroying as it is to make complaints that you know will not be properly acted upon this still has to be the right course of action?

      Does anyone have a picture of this idiot JH so we are fore warned?


    2. Nice one JCRbean, good point, sorry Jon :)

  7. Wow, this guy needs treatment not fines. Maybe he would do well to get on a juice and fresh food diet. Yes, I have been looking into things a bit more since our previous contact on the old age lies page.

    1. Nice one anon, knowledge is the power.

    2. Two fantastic vids to see how government cheat us are ESOTERIC AGENDA and KYMATICA these are a must watch mate.

    3. Ta, will watch them. Am busy watching the Gerson Miracle video at the moment though so will put them on the list.

      There is something that intrigues me though, that is that life expectancy years ago was less than it is now, on average. That lifespan has gone up, possibly due to modern medications yet hundreds of years ago we did not have these medications and if you go back far enough their was only truly organic foods available and life expectancy was less. Maybe the answer is we humans started eating meat more than vegetables. I might have answered my own question!!!

    4. Meat is a bad one, all acidic, but, check out THIS WOMAN and THIS WOMAN for a bit of long life!!!

    5. Wow...what else is there to say apart from the fact I am juicing again and will keep it up rather than do a few days at a time.

  8. access to cheap energy did it for longevity!

  9. This guys frickin dandy

  10. Is that Dave Pallot?

  11. So, here we are after all this time: A Super-Injunction has been ordered against Stuart Syvret by Data Protection, acting on behalf of this criminal troll and the killer Nurse M, who together can threaten innocent people and have the full support of the disgusting courts and bent cops. The whole world can see this and yet still this happens.