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Thursday, 9 August 2012

"Invertebrate Set To Move Goal Posts"

Gorst wants to redraw election boundaries

Jersey's Chief Minister wants to redraw election boundaries.

Ian Gorst believes the democratic inbalance between Parishes needs to be addressed. He told the Electoral Commission that it is unfair for some Deputies to be representing just a few hundred islanders while others had constituencies running into many thousands.

Senator Gorst said: "We are going to need to try and deal with that deficit in some way and the way that I think that we can is by redrawing the electoral boundaries for the election of deputy."

He added it is not the geographical area that Deputies are representing, but number of people they are representing that matters most for equality. It is a system similar to Guernsey, Barbados and the Isle of Man.

Senator Gorst told the Commission he is keen to keep the Connetables in the States because of their links to the Parishes and he does not think new electoral boundaries would distance Islanders from government.

The Commission will hold its next public hearing from 10am on Thursday 17 August at St Paul's Centre in St Helier. Deputy Trevor Pitman; former Senator Reg Jeune and former St Mary Deputy Daniel Wimberley will be giving evidence. Mr Wimberley was the politician who proposed the establishment of the Commission.

Any other Islanders who would like to give evidence at the hearing are invited to e-mail to request an appointment. Islanders are also welcome to attend hearings to observe the proceedings.

Submissions to the Electoral Commission regarding the classes of States member; their constituencies and mandates; the number of States members and their terms of office, can be made online at:; by e-mail to:; or in writing to: Electoral Commission, Morier House, St. Helier, JE1 1DD.

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