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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

"Deadly New Toy For The Police Draws Nearer"

Jersey could be tasered

Cop appears to be enjoying the experience

Jersey Police are one step closer to getting taser guns.

The Home Affairs Minister has responded to a report by a Scrutiny Panel which oversees the work that his department carries out.

Ian Le Marquand has agreed to several of their suggestions of what needs to be done before taser guns could be used in the island including addressing public concerns about their dangers.

He will draw up a report on why he thinks we should have tasers, and the States will vote on it.

Jersey Police say they cannot comment on whether the force want to carry taser guns or not.

What do you think?

Should our bobby's on the beat carry tasers?

Should the police be allowed to use tasers here in Jersey or are they simply unnecessary?


  1. Ian.

    One could be forgiven for believing that the State Media are "on message" to make sure the cops get their TASERS

  2. Hi IAN,

    Just put this up for publish on online.TV

    LETS SEE.............

    YEEHAAAA, I just stopped you for a routine check.
    Yes offi...."BZZZT" WTF did you do that fo "BZZZT" r!
    Because I can & what are you going to do about it?
    Well for star "BZZZT" ters Im going to tell your super BZZT" iors & get your badg "BZZZT" e revoweked.
    Hang on Ive got a "BZZZT" pace maker and I'm starting to feel a bit ODD!

    Sorry sir all your lights seem to be fine move along


  3. "ANTI TASER" clothing coming soon for all you troublesome kids out there!

    I'll call it "faraday" evening wear.


  4. LOL you got it!...

    You are reading and responding then. WOOHOO.

    I have the skills mEIGHT ;-)


  5. Should our bobbys carry Tasers. No. Why the need suddenly for Tasers?

    By no stretch of the imagination does this politiced force need new toys bestowed on them.

  6. If HRH Bailhache gets independence, they are going to need their own army as the UK will not assist, and we all know that independence means Coup time :)

  7. Monkeys playing with razor blades.

  8. ian if they arm the police then i do belive the public should start to carry arms because our police are nothing but bailhache,s and the twat le marquand,s play things

  9. Yeah, cos tasers won't ever be abused, right?