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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

"Cyril Explains His Imprisonment For Alleged Contempt Of Court"

The curious cases of contempt
And other adventures in “legal land”

Crook Richard Falle

Last week Uber crook Richard Falle (he of the £10million Les Pas Holdings scam) remanded me in custody on 3 counts of contempt of court.

States in Waterfront profits deal
Jersey Waterfront
£10m worth of waterfront land was given to Les Pas
The States of Jersey will get half of any profits made from the development of land formerly owned by Les Pas Holdings on the Waterfront. The land, which was transferred to Les Pas for £10m, has been sold to Dandara.
Senator Frank Walker said a deal between the Waterfront Enterprise Board and Dandara would split development profit with the States.
The States gave ownership of the land to Les Pas in 2003 before a dispute over the case was brought to court.
Les Pas had been claiming ownership of a large area of reclaimed land in St Helier, including the Waterfront, for several years.
The States felt that striking the deal was preferable to fighting the claim, which might have cost the taxpayer £80m.
Dandara is proposing a £150m high-rise development on a site overlooking the Elizabeth Marina.

Bridget Shaw

No.1. Was for not entering the ‘court room’ after Bridget Shaw had refused to confirm she was operating under her oath of office.

No.2. For not turning up to a last minute prosecution cancelled trial, changed into a remand hearing by the prosecution and despite my letter to the Magistrate agreeing to a new date of their choosing.

No.3. Non-appearance after being expected to wait around for 5 and a half hours. Lawrence O’Donnell told the court I did not turn up, even though he tried to hand me documents on the said day and Falle had a smug smile on his face as he told me that Bandit Shaw would be dealing with me later that afternoon. I did leave the court, considering a 5+ hour wait to be contempt of my time.

Think about it, remanded in custody on the subjective opinion of a crook.
 I’d like readers to be aware that I have never sworn at, or been personally  insulting to the mobsters in court, outside court, and in public, is a different kettle of fish.

Cyril the Squirrel got balls!!!

Would I abscond? Be a threat to the Public? Had I injured someone? No of course not, crook Falle’s actions were another futile attempt at obedience training with menaces. Will it stop me from standing my ground or exercising my freedom of speech, robustly if necessary? Ha-ha Curiosity has more chance of finding life on Mars.

Compare my locking up with the likes of Niall Linden and Alan Breckon accused of actually harming or killing others! Just who is the real danger to others?

On Friday I was taken from La Moye prison to court where Peter Harris (less odious but still with a justice and spinal bypass) said he would consider the ‘contempt’ purged by time served if I admitted the contempt, obviously I was not going to do that and told him so. Wearily he gave me another date in October to appear, funnily enough I am not required to appear for the remands this time (see No. 2 above).

Harris also said about the 5+ hour wait, that the court couldn’t  be exact with times, if this is so it shows complete incompetence on the part of the court administrators, however I do not believe this reason for one second, it was a deliberate ploy on the part of the court, with the intention of annoying me, they always leave me till last as they don’t want anyone else to hear what I’ve got to say about law, and the awkward questions I ask.

This is not the first time I have been accused of the common law crime of contempt in an administrative court, they like to switch jurisdictions mid-stream you know! I urge people to read what Halsbury’s administrative law 2011 says about the unlawfulness of these revenue collecting tribunals

"The law is absolutely clear on this subject. There is NO authority for administrative courts in this country and no Act can be passed to legitimise them because of the constitutional restraints placed upon her Majesty at Her coronation. The collection of revenue by such means is extortion, and extortion has been found reprehensible since ancient times."

Below is a previous example of how these racketeers’ minds are warped by a sense of entitlement to treat people as chattel.

The first highlighted document is the charge sheet remarks by an officer of the court.

The second one is the actual transcript of the so called ‘freeman outburst’

Is it just me, or do these Mafioso’s have fertile imaginations?
Are enactments even legal?
This one most certainly isn’t!

Road Traffic (Jersey) law 1956
Article 86
86    Duty to give information as to person in charge of vehicle
(1)    Where an offence is alleged to have been committed in connection with a vehicle being on a road –
(a)     the owner of the vehicle shall give such information as the owner may be required by or on behalf of the ConnétableCentenier to give as to the identity of the person in charge of the vehicle at the time of the commission of the alleged offence, and, if the owner fails to do so, shall be liable to a fine not exceeding £500, unless the owner shows to the satisfaction of the court that he or she did not know and could not with reasonable diligence have ascertained who was the person in charge of the vehicle as aforesaid;

This article says we must give information when asked.

The Police/centeniers always ask “who was in charge of the vehicle” before you are cautioned, why? Easy really, the first line of the Police caution tells us “you have the right to remain silent” so the question of who was in charge has to be asked before the caution.
This article seeks to criminalise our right to remain silent and is thus unlawful.

English words vs Legal terms

Do legal terms apply to those who are not members of the legal profession, absent a contract?
We will look at this in a future posting


  1. A recording of an earlier encounter between Cyril and crook Falle can be listened to by CLICKING HERE.

  2. Once again thank you Cyril for sharing your experience.

    I can see no contempt by you in the transcript you provide. Mr Falle used the law to work for him and it would appears you cant.

  3. Why on the charge sheet does it say contempt charge not to be presented / acted upon?

    Does charge 1. witness not have to sign the sheet?

  4. Well spotted anon, I missed that one. Cyril will explain that one shortly :)

    1. I missed one of the hearings as I was off island.

  5. Ian looking at the charge sheet again I read it to mean PC Obrien was a police constable. Not untill I read the magistrates notes further down did I realise the PC stood for parking control. Are 3 and 4 witnesses also parking control PC or Police constables? Curiously ambiguous.

  6. Anon

    Cyril informs me that the contempt charge was at an earlier hearing where they locked him up for ten minutes or so.

    Witness 1 is the traffic warden

    Witness 2 is the guy from The motor traffic office that they called in to give evidence at a minutes notice, and without informing Cyril, or giving him any time to prepare for any questioning he might want to do!!! (the jersey way)

    Witness 3 O'Brien, cop who perjured himself

    Witness 4 O'Neill, cop who perjured himself

  7. All we need now is the name of the scumbag who doctored the trial tapes (we think we know who) before they were sent to England for transcription?

    And, was this the same scumbag who actually "added!!!" something to the trial tapes, after the fact, and that WE KNOW WAS NEVER SAID IN COURT?

    These people are such corrupted scum, 18 years now that they have been doctoring trial tapes!!!

  8. Isn't it strange that even though Cyril clearly states his name ''Cyril'' he is referred to the Centenier and the Magistrate as Mr. Vibert.

    I would consider that disrespectful, given Cyril stated initially and clearly he is not a ''Mr.''

    There is no Jersey equivalent of the Contempt of Court Act, as applicable in the UK.

    If Civil contempt has Cyril signed a contract if Criminal who was the injured partie?