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Friday, 10 August 2012

"Constables Give Corrupt Ministers A Core Block Vote"

Constables ‘give States a link to the people’

Just remember what I told you to say spineless!

Chief Minister Ian Gorst gives evidence to the Electoral Commission in the Blampied Room of the States Building
THE Constables provide a vital link between government and the parishes and must be kept in the States, the Chief Minister has said.

Giving evidence to the Electoral Commission this week, Senator Ian Gorst gave his support to the Constables, whose retention or removal from the Assembly has become one of the most controversial issues of States reform in recent years.

He also suggested creating a second States Chamber made up of Senators, who would be able to scrutinise legislation more effectively, and he also wants a complete redrawing of constituencies for Deputies.

Senator Gorst is one of a number of politicians who have been invited to give evidence to the commission, which has been given the job of coming up with a new way of working for the States.

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  1. Why is it so controversial? Because it is not working well.